Fastrack Women White Analogue Watch NK9827PP06

Fastrack Fastrack Women White Analogue Watch NK9827PP06

Block colors and prints are back in fashion and what could be better than a watch that matches your summer wardrobe perfectly. Pairing a block colored watch with an attire that has a multitude of colors gives you a bohemian, artsy look. This Fastrack Beach Analog watch has been designed exclusively for women. It has a condensed, simple look to it and is characteristic of Fastrack’s Beach collection. This watch, which has one dominant color, can be worn with your casuals to enhance the color balance of your outfit. Body and Design Any daily wear watch has to fulfil two essential requirements: simple yet lively make and long-lasting, comfortable fit. This women’s analog watch from Fastrack has a perfectly round dial that complements the simplicity of the watch design. The colored strap is made of silicon which is economic and preserves well. The bold, straight cuts of the watch strap lend a solid look to it. The case of this analog women’s watch is made of plastic that is colorful and pleasing to the eye. The metal bezel ring around the case keeps it protected and extends the durability of the watch. The tiny stones which replace the numbers inside the dial add a dash of shine and girliness to the overall appearance of the watch. Functions and Other Features With the versatility that has come into everyday activities, water-resistant watches have become an utmost necessity. This Fastrack Beach Analog watch for women is water-resistant to a depth of 30 m. It allows you to worry less about water from the rain or the garden pipe spoiling the watch’s mechanism. Accessorize like a minimalist and feel like a style icon with this watch from Fastrack. Brand:Fastrack