Wok, 28cm

Vinod Cookware Wok, 28cm

Swiss Quality
Gas Stovetop Compatible
3 coat-non stick
Ceramic reinforced right through
Metal spoon friendly
Easy to clean
Show off your cooking skills and keep your family satisfied, with delectable delicacies whipped up in this large wok
Since it's crafted in a deep curve from Alluminium, the base of the wok heats up beautifully while the rim stays relatively cool, so your food won't overcook
The light-weight body and non-slip handles add to its convenience, and the non-stick coating ensures you don't need to use a lot of oil while cooking
The non-stick coating requires less oil, is wear and abrasion resistant and designed to survive your daily use
Suitable for all heat sources
Induction friendy
Color: Blue/Black, Material: Nonstick
Package Contents: 1-Piece Wok (33cm)