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Denver Extreme Reverence Deo (150ml)

Denver Extreme Reverence Deo (150ml)

Extreme conditions demand Reverence. The Denver Deo Xtreme Reverence Deodorant is inspired by real men, with sweat defence technology powered by T.E.C., which is upto 2 times more effective in fighting sweat odour from bacteria.
Deodorant spray with 2 X sweat defence
Powered by T.E.C for better odour control
Protects you from odour causing germs
Its aromatic fragrance will invigorate your senses
About the Brand: Vanesa Care Private Limited Group is one of the leading manufacturer of aerosol deodorants in India and manufactures product in various categories like OTC, Pharma, Deodorants, Perfumes, Toiletries and home care division. Conforming with international standards, the company is known for its deodorants and fragrances that cater to the style and taste of Indian consumers and are manufactured under known brand names like Denver (for men), Envy 1000 (for men and women) and Vanesa (for women).

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