Guru Kripa Baby Products Mustard Seeds Solid Body Pillow Pack of 1(Sky Blue)

Guru Kripa Baby Products Mustard Seeds Solid Body Pillow Pack of 1(Sky Blue)

Filling Material: Mustard Seeds
Size: 27 cm x 22 cm
Type: Body Pillow
Suitable Location: Baby Room
Sales Package : Baby Rai Pillow
Number of Contents in Sales Package : 1
Brand : Guru Kripa Baby Products
Color : Sky Blue
Type : Body Pillow
External Material : Velvet
Filling Material : Mustard Seeds
Model Name : Presents New Born Baby Soft Velvet Fabric Mustard Seeds Rai Pillow For Baby Head Shaping Toy Shape Takiya Mustard Rai Seed Pillow For Easy Washing Feeding & Nursing Baby Neck Pillow
Model ID : Kidco Velvet Chain Rai
: Pillow is specially designed to provide comfort and support to your baby's head and neck while sleeping Baby Pillow is made from soft valvet It is easy to clean and wash, SOME MORE BENEFITS:The baby will wake up rested, full of vitality and less prone to illnesses. The Mustard Seed Pillow for new born baby helps in preventing flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) by evenly distributing pressure around baby's delicate head whilst offering comfort to the baby., Helps in right formation of baby's head.Mustard Seeds Filling Very Comfortable Soft Fabric Bright Colors, WHY YOU NEED ONE: For newborn and tender young babies, a rai seeds pillow is very essential for proper head shaping from the very beginning of their formative years. It also allows air circulation and helps prevent flat head syndrome. Mustard (Rai) seeds have been used traditionally to help increase blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic and soothe the sinuses.
Width : 22 cm
Length : 27 cm
Depth : 4 cm