Divya Ying Yang Fengshui Wind chime for wealth Good luck

Butterflies Divya Ying Yang Fengshui Wind chime for wealth Good luck

Country of origin
Country of origin :   India
Ying Yang Fengshui Wind chime for wealth & Good luck - Wind Chimes have long been seen as a very effective Feng Shui device. People believe that the sounds they create can have a positive effect on the energy of any space turning it from negative to positive. Whether you choose to believe in this or not wind chimes can have a positive effect through creating pleasant sounds or just looking aesthetically pleasing as an ornament. They can be placed in all types of areas from a porch or patio to a garden.They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which will affect the sounds created. Obviously the larger and more pieces they have will tend to create a louder and more varied sound whereas the smaller chimes will produce a quieter sound. Chimes can be very artistic creations with the designer being able to experiment with different shapes and it is quite popular for animals to be mixed in. Animals can vary from fish to butterflies and in some cases birds. Adding features like these can help to improve the appearance and create an interesting ornament that will attract attention.Another factor that can alter the sound produced is what it is made from. Wind chimes tend to be made from wood or metal however glass shell bamboo and stone have been used. Each material can create an individual sound which is distinctly different from the other. Glass and acrylic can be used in addition to create the extra features such as animals or other shapes or designs.It has been proven that certain types of music can be beneficial to people with high blood pressure or suffer from stress. With this in mind the gentle and relaxing sounds from chimes have been known to help people to unwind whilst enjoying some time outdoors. There tends to be a centre ball which is measured to hit the mid-length of the hanging chimes when the wind blows to create pleasing sounds. Chimes have also been used as a percussion instrument in modern music by different musicians and composers including a rock band member who chooses to hang a wind chime from his guitar.Not many people tend to have these strange and wonderful ornaments but it is evident that wind chimes offer various benefits from the pleasant and gentle sounds that are created in the wind to the way it can improve the appearance of any space where it may be hanged as a beautiful decoration colour as per availability (black golden brown or any other colour ) 
Country of origin
Country of origin : India