Vast Girls' Short-Sleeved Gym T-Shirt 100 - Pink Vast Girls' Short-Sleeved Gym T-Shirt 100 - Pink Vast Girls' Short-Sleeved Gym T-Shirt 100 - Pink Vast Girls' Short-Sleeved Gym T-Shirt 100 - Pink

Vast Girls' Short-Sleeved Gym T-Shirt 100 - Pink

Quantity : 1 U
Size : 113-122cm 5-6Y : *, 7-8 years / 4'-4'2" : 1.23m-1.3m, 8-9 years / 4'3"-4'6 : 1.31m-1.4m, 10-11 years / 4'7"-4'8" : 1.41m-1.5m, 12-13 years / 4'9"-5' : 1.51m-1.6m, 14-15 years / 5'2"-5'4" : 1.61m-1.72m
30% recycled cotton : Firstly, our supplier collects any excess cotton fabric left over from production to transform it into fibres.
It is then spun into a thread made from 30% of these recycled fibres
The thread is used to produce the fabric used in this T-shirt.
Sports clothing designed for kids and teens aged 6 to 14
172 cm for boys and 166 cm for girls : Our range has been designed for kids' indoor sports or PE classes at school.
60 minutes is the minimum amount of time a child should spend doing physical activity each day according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)
The beneficial role that sport plays in kids' and teens' development and mental and physical well-being is well documented: it develops motor skills and agility, self-confidence and social integration.
What do we mean by educational gym and sports activities? : PE lessons and sports activities allow children to unleash their energy and explore all the physical possibilities available to them: jumping, balancing, stringing together a series of movements, and doing tricks. Although this kind of exercise is mainly done in PE lessons, it can also be done in clubs outside of school.
The joys of sport: : Sport offers numerous benefits for both kids and teens, from moving around to having fun and interacting with friends, all while learning how to get along with others!
The Domyos product design process : Our design teams work towards a single objective: providing a perfect balance of perspiration wicking, warmth and stretchiness based on the needs of kids and teens.
Your child will be able to choose their full gym outfit: T-shirt, tank top, leggings, bottoms, shorts, sweatshirt, or jacket.
Find the perfect size for a child or teen : Our sizing for 6- to 14-year-olds is changing!
We give you both the age bracket and the child's height on the label. We know that there are vast differences in height for children of the same age. Feel free to measure your child to see which model will fit them
We also offer an additional size for ages 14-15: boys up to 172 cm and girls up to 166 cm
Did you know? : Our products are regularly tested and we make changes based on customer feedback.
Sizes : 123 to 166 cm
Ages : 7 to 14 years

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