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Citrus VILLAIN Men Hydra Eau De Parfum Combo Citrus VILLAIN Men Hydra Eau De Parfum Combo Citrus VILLAIN Men Hydra Eau De Parfum Combo

Citrus VILLAIN Men Hydra Eau De Parfum Combo

About the Brand : Loose cannon, Lunatic, Evil, Dangerous...these are few from the infinite attributes of a villain. Believe it or not everyone has a side which gets unraveled during critical times. It is rightly said that even a good man has to do bad things to overcome. Villains always have a clear agenda and aren't afraid to show their true colours however twisted they may be. Life would be bland if there were no villains.
Bottom Note : Fresh
Collection Name : Hydra
Formulation : Spray
Fragrance : Fresh
Fragrance Story : Get your macho on with the strong, masculine fragrance of Villain HydraInfused with the scents of the sea and the zing of citrusUse this perfume for long-lasting freshness and energy to go strong, day & nightAll Villain perfumes abide by standard guidelines, are formulated with utmost care and are safe to useWhen the energies of the ocean meet the freshness of citrus, a lethal Villain in born. Get ready for action with the strong, masculine fragrance of Villain Hydra- its intense aquatic notes with hints of white musk keep you ready for the hustle, while the zesty fragrance of fresh bergamot, lemon and patchouli let your unpredictability and excitement shine. Proud, powerful and unique, the macho scent of Villain Hydra is made for the rebel in you who knows how to go out strong and make it last for long.
How-to-Apply :
Hold the bottle away from 10cm away from the body and spray it on your clothes or skin.
Use some on your collar bones and wrist for long-lasting freshness.
Use daily to bring your mysterious vibe alive, every time.
Middle Note : Warm and Spicy
Minimum Shelf Life in Months : 18
Minimum Usable Period in Months : 18
Net Weight : 100 ml + 20 ml
Strength : Strong
Sustainable : Regular
Top Note : Fresh
Total Shelf Life in Months : 36
Type : Perfume
Units Per Bundle : 1
Men Hydra Eau De Parfum Combo
For external use only, avoid contact with eyes.Keep away from children.

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