Cotton Bath Towel Cotton Bath Towel Cotton Bath Towel
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Cotton Bath Towel

Height : Breadth: 55 Inch
Length : Length: 27 Inch
Care : Machine wash
Additional Information 2 : EASY TO CARE - Machine washable, easy to care and clean. These towels are specially processed to make the dryer take less time, thus saving time and energy costs. They flow completely out of the dryer, soft and fluffy for the next time
Avoid contact with skincare products to help minimize towel spotting or bleaching. Some lint may be observed in the first few launderings of towels, and will diminish with each subsequent laundering. This does not affect the look, feel or performance of your towels. Please follow the recommended care instructions on the label and keep the lint trap clean on your dryer.
Additional Information 3 : BETTER WATER ABSORPTION - Terry towel material allows for maximum absorbency. Perfect for poolside, bathroom, Beach, salon, college dorm room essentials, spa or gym use. The towel is designed to provide users with all their basic bathroom drying needs to wrap around your hair or to dry your body.
Weight : 520 g
Material Free Text : Cotton

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