Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green

Kalenji Men's trail running shoes mt2 - blue/green

LEVEL OF PRACTICE : all levels
FREQUENCY : intensive
INTENSITY : mid intensity,high intensity
SPORTSPERSON'S WEIGHT : weight < 90 kg
PLAYING SURFACE : rough terrain
STRIDE TYPE : neutral,pronator,supinator
SHOE HEIGHT : low shoes
TYPE OF PRACTICE : training,competition
MAIN MATERIAL : synthetic
WATERPROOF : no waterproof
FOOT WIDTH : medium
TYPE OF SHOES : cushioning,stability,grip,traction
DISTANCE : trail running from 0 to 170 km
DROP : 8 mm
REMOVABLE SOLE : removable sole
PRACTICE MOTIVATION : i improve,i achieve
RUNNING INTENSITY : more than 60 km/week
Quantity : 1 U
Size : UK 5.5 - EU 39, 6.5, 7, 8, UK 8.5 - EU 42.5, 8.5, UK 9 - EU 43.5, 9.5, UK 10 - EU 44.5, 10.5, 11, 12, 12.5
A shoe that performs just as well over distance as over rocks. : We designed the MT2 to accompany you on all trail distances: A shoe that gives you comfort from the first mile all the way to the bitter end of your ultra-trails. The Kalenji product manager, Thierry, has nicknamed it "the trail adventurer". The MT2 is reliable, safe and stable, the perfect companion for all distances and terrains, from mountain trails to the rockiest and most uneven paths.
Great traction and even more grip: : Following your opinions and feedback, we've improved both the rubber and the lugs. We're delighted to offer you this new sole, which provides a huge amount of grip, even on wet or slippery rocks while maintaining great traction.
K-Ring et Kalensole : We offer you effective cushioning : The K-Ring is exclusive heel cushioning technology in the form of a ring located in the heel: The hole in the middle disperses the shockwave.
Kalensole is the EVA foam used in the midsole. It took three years of research to create this exclusive composition that improves cushioning by 34%, propulsion by 25% and provides better temperature stability and durability.
For runners of up to 90 kg.
Feel safe on rocky terrain : The MT2 is the perfect ally for trail running, making you feel safe on any terrain and in any weather. The rock plate at the front and sides protects you from rocks.
A more flexible trail running shoe... : The new MT2 has greater elasticity, thanks to your feedback on the MT: the sole has hollowed-out rubber areas between each lug. Increased flexibility provides more fluidity and better heel-to-toe transition. You can free your stride in the fast sections.
... and lighter thanks to your feedback : The MT2 is also more lightweight for more dynamic runs. The weight was reduced by 40 g per foot for greater comfort. It now weights 310 g in size 8.
Shoes that suit your stride : K-Only is a concept exclusive to Decathlon running brands that makes our trail shoes suitable for every stride type thanks to the denser foam located under the first metatarsus.
8 mm drop. : We have reduced the drop of the MT2 to 8 mm thanks to your feedback. This height is perfectly suitable for both your daily runs and your ultra-trail distances.
Tested on all terrains and over the long term : The MT2 was first checked in the lab to test its durability. Our design team then had it tested in real-life conditions in Sainte Victoire mountain on experienced male and female trail runners. The flexibility tests compared to the former model were irrevocable.
The results allowed us to release this new MT2 model, which is still as robust and comfortable on all terrain, but lighter and more flexible for more fluid and dynamic running.
Once you've done your laces up, forget about them! : There is nothing more irritating than having to do your laces up during your trail run. The flat, flexible laces remain perfectly tied with a single knot. The lace pocket allows you to tuck the laces out of the way when you run.
Our dedicated trail running team designed these shoes for your trail and ultra-trail runs, for distances of 0 to 170 km, in the mountain or on rocky paths. Are you looking for an adventurer for your mountain trail runs? The lighter and more flexible MT2 worthy successor to the MT is a great solution to take with you on your outings on uneven terrain.