Intense Eyeliner Kajal Antique Gold (0.25gm) Intense Eyeliner Kajal Antique Gold (0.25gm) Intense Eyeliner Kajal Antique Gold (0.25gm)

Bella Voste Intense Eyeliner Kajal Antique Gold (0.25gm)

ABOUT THE PRODUCT:nAdd That Perfect Swish With Bella Voste'S Enduring Intense Kajal That Comes With 3-In-1 Benefits Of An Eye Shadow, Kajal And Eyeliner. The Strong And Intense Texture Captivates To Give You The Ultimate Look That Lasts Long, Leaving Your Eyes With Smooth And Soft Sensation.Charm Your Eyes With An Enchanting Look You Have Always Desired! nnHOW TO USE:nOn The Upper Lid, Draw A Neat Stroke, Starting From The Inner Corner Of The Eye And Extending Outwards. Repeat On The Lower Lid.nnINGREDIENTS:nNAnnSTORAGE & CARE:nRead The Label.Follow All Directions And Heed All Warnings.Wash Your Hands Before You Use The Product.Do Not Share Makeup.Keep The Containers Clean And Tightly Closed When Not In Use, And Protect Them From Temperature Extremes. Throw Away Cosmetics If There Are Changes In Color Or Smell. Do Not Use Cosmetics Near Your Eyes Unless They Are Meant For Your Eyes. For Example, Do Not Use Lip Liner On Your Eyes.Do Not Add Saliva Or Water To Mascara. You Could Add Germs. Throw Away Your Eye Makeup If You Get An Eye Infection. The Makeup Could Have Become Contaminated.nnEXPIRY DATE:nShelf Life is 36 Months Color : Antique Gold