Cento Edp - 100 ml Cento Edp - 100 ml Cento Edp - 100 ml Cento Edp - 100 ml Cento Edp - 100 ml
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Ajmal Cento Edp - 100 ml

Additional Information 1 : Cento is a modern tribute to classic masculine fragrances. The heart notes are composed of lavender and Muguet. The deep and intense character of the fragrance is built on the leathery mossy woody notes along with patchouli and sandalwood in the base. Additional Information 2 : Store away from direct sunlight and fire Additional Information 3 : Shake well. Hold bottle in an upright position, 5 Cm to 10 Cm away from body and spray liberally. USP : Ajmal Perfumes has nearly 6 decades of expertise in crafting enchanting and enticing fragrances. At Ajmal, we have perfected the science, art and craft of perfumery and are delighted to present our creations to you. These selections can be appealing to any contemporary connoisseurs who are also deeply rooted in traditional values. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de Parfum offer a discerning memorable experience.