COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask

The Man COMPANY Charcoal Express Face Wash + Face Scrub + Peel-Off Mask

About the Brand : THE MAN COMPANY offers a head to toe range of grooming essentials, ranging from hair, face & body product to beard & shave product. Our product contains 100% cold-pressed natural premium essential oils. All our products are crafted carefully with permutations or combinations of these oils which aim at providing multiple benefits to you. Our product are as close to nature as possible. Our entire collection of product is SLS and Paraben free which makes sure that your skin, eyes and hair follicles stay unharmed from these chemicals. The USP of the brand lies in the quality and selection of handpicked natural ingredients. The products contain 100% natural premium oils, and are SLS and Paraben free, which makes sure, that your skin, eyes and hair follicles stay unharmed from these chemicals. Content : Face Wash Content 2 : Body Wash and Scrub How-to-Use : face scrub step 1 dampen your face lightly step 2 take charcoal face scrub and massage on your face for 2-3 minutes step 3 massaging should preferably be in a circular motion using your fingers step 4 rinse your face with a towel and use a soft towel for pat dry( do not wipe) charcoal face wash step 1 wet your face with the warm water step 2 pour a pea size amount on your palm step 3 apply all over your face and neck step 4 wash & pat dry with a towel charcoal peel off mask step 1 cleanse your face with face wash and use a soft towel to pat dry step 2 apply the gel based cream on your face step 3 let it dry for around 15-20 mins step 4 once completely dry, gently peel it off and rinse your face with warm water. Minimum Shelf Life in Months : 6 Minimum Usable Period in Months : 3 Net Weight : charcoal face scrub 100 gm charcoal face wash 100 ml charcoal peel off mask 100 gms Number of Contents : 3 Special Features : charcoal face scrub you will find a lot of ways to cleanse your way to look fresh, but most of them have very low or almost no effect when it comes to obtaining a blemish-free skin. so if you are confused about how to exfoliate skin in a better way, look no further, and go for this charcoal scrub. deep cleansing: the benefits are no longer hidden to this world. the deep cleansing properties of charcoal are put to good use in this skin exfoliation and dead skin remover face scrub. and as a matter of fact, facial scrubs are one of the easiest ways to achieve deep cleansing owing to the fact that they are simple to use, does not take a lot of time and can be used anywhere. preventing acne/pimples: acne and pimples are the probably the most-dreaded facial complexities and get most of the people unpresentable. however, with proper care to purify the skin with a natural scrub that contains eucalyptus, it is very much possible to prevent acne and pimples from appearing on your face. dead-skin removal: if you do not deep cleanse your face for a very long time, a layer of dead skin cells will accumulate on your face. these cells act as a thick grime-like layer and darken the skin besides making it look dull and oily. an activated charcoal-based face scrub acts as a dead skin remover and brings the fresh skin to the fore. prevents further damage: lemongrass contains antioxidant properties, which protects your skin cells from further damage because of dirt and oil and retains freshness for a long time. charcoal face wash the man company charcoal face wash unclogs blocked pores and treats pimples, blackheads and acne. unclogs pores: don't let dirt and grime settle in your pores! with the deep cleansing action of charcoal, you need not worry about tired and lifeless skin. removes dead skin cells: charcoal enhanced with the regenerative properties of argan, helps to remove dead skin cells which tend to accumulate over time causing your face to look very dull. helps in getting rid of pimples: charcoal keeps excess oil from the skin at bay. it takes away dirt, harmful bacteria and impurities accumulated on the face to reveal revitalised skin. benefits of charcoal peel off mask peel off masks not hidden in this contemporary era. here are the benefits that they bring along with them. removes impurities: removing impurities from the skin is the most important benefit of having a peel off mask. peel off masks are best known for trapping the skin impurities. once the mask settles and dries up on the skin, peeling them off causes the trapped particles to be removed with it. cleanses: peel off masks have a separate set of benefits. but when combined with activated charcoal, they become a potent combination against dirt, impurities and excess oil on the skin. activated charcoal is known to absorb pollutants from the skin pores and leave behind a clean surface. ingredients: the charcoal face wash has all the necessary ingredients that can bring a glowing face, far from dirt, impurities and oil. however, this is achieved without the use of chemicals and includes almost all of the natural ingredients. Sustainable : Regular Total Shelf Life in Months : 36 Units Per Bundle : 3 Charcoal Face Scrub: The activated charcoal face scrub is an incredible product that refreshes and rejuvenates your skin and makes it feel supple and cleansed. Additionally, it is packed with the benefits of lemongrass and eucalyptus, which prevent further damage to skin cells, cures acne and smoothes your skin. Charcoal Face Wash: The Charcoal Face Wash does not only have the deep cleansing action of Charcoal but is enriched with Ylang Ylang and Argan that keep the skin feeling fresh. The face wash is rife with ingredients that help combat common skin issues such as pimples and blackheads. Charcoal Peel-off Mask: The blackhead removal mask, when mixed with the benefits of activated charcoal, works wonders in providing clearer and dirt-free skin. Plus, the addition of Moringa and Gooseberry kicks it up a notch as they help in combating overactive sebaceous glands and associated ageing effects.