Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey

Domyos Women Cotton Blend Gym Pants 500 - Grey

LEVEL OF PRACTICE : all levels PLACE OF PRACTICE : indoor NUMBER OF POCKETS : 2 pockets CUT : slim WATERPROOF : no waterproof MAIN MATERIAL : mainly cotton VENTILATION : low POCKET : with pocket TYPE OF LENGTH : long WINDPROOF : not windproof TYPE OF BELT : drawstring belt OPTIONS : with pocket BELT HEIGHT : mid belt SHOES COVER : without shoes cover REINFORCED AREA : without reinforced area MATERNITY : not suitable for maternity ANTI-UV : non anti-uv MODULAR : not modular Quantity : 1 U Size : UK4 / 2XS (L28), UK4 / 2XS (L30), UK20-22/3XL(L29), S ( Waist 28 in), M ( Waist 30 in), L ( Waist 32 in), XS / W26 L28, UK4-6 / XS (L30), UK6-8 / S (L29), UK10 / M (L29), UK12-14 / L (L29), UK14-16 / XL(L29), UK18 / 2XL (L29), 3XL / W41 L31, XL ( Waist 34 in), 2XL (Waist 36in) BOTTOMS ORIGINALLY DESIGNED FOR FITNESS THAT CAN DO SO MUCH MORE! : A morning toning workout; a work meeting; an active walk between noon and 2; a quick stop at the shop to top up the fridge; time at home with the family or out with friends: Wouldn't it be nice if you could do it all in the same outfit? That's exactly what we designed this range to do: take you from home to work and everything in between, without having to change clothes for every activity. DID YOU SAY COMFORT? : Imagine being both comfortable and stylish all day long as you go from work, home, the gym, and everything else. Sounds nice, doesn't it? We thought so too. As textile designers, we were in a good place to bring this crazy idea to life. And voila - our range is here! This comfortable range doesn't compromise on style: it features products that are as nice to wear as they are to look at! 3 REASONS TO LOVE THESE SLIM-FIT BOTTOMS : There's no doubt that the slim fit is a real classic. But why? A slim fit hugs your curves and makes your legs look longer. It's also the perfect middle ground: by being closer to your body, it lets you move more freely. Last but not least, the slim fit lets you switch from one extreme to another. Wearing some fitted bottoms? Then break up your look with a big, loose sweatshirt! So, will these slim-fit bottoms get the thumbs up? IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS : These bottoms have a turn-up, visible on the outside rather than an inner hem, for a stylish look. They also have a drawstring at the waist so that you can adjust them to the right size. Last but not least, we've added two Italian pockets (you know, those slightly diagonal, rounded ones). They're practical and really dress up any item they're added to.