Fruit Face And Body Scrub Fruit Face And Body Scrub

Gemblue Biocare Fruit Face And Body Scrub

Hidden Detail : Benefits: Long-lasting Additional Information 1 : Gemblue biocare fruit face and body scrub enriched with orange peel extracts and natural oils is an effective cleansing exfoliant which quickly removes blackheads, impurities and complexion dulling dead cells to reveal fresh, healthy and brighter skin. It softens the skin and helps to preserve the skin's natural oils. The micro-exfoliating particles scrubs away deep seated dirt and impurities revealing a clearer and brighter complexion. The Gemblue biocare fruit facial scrub has the richness of multi-fruit enzymes that spruce up the nutrient intake of your facial skin. It is enriched with orange peel extract that keeps your skin all-day fresh and rejuvenated. The facial scrub is to be applied and scrubbed gently in circular movements throughout the face and neck to remove impurities, dirt, blackheads, and blemishes. Additional Information 2 : Use instruction: gemblue biocare fruit scrub comes with added pore minimizing - deep cleansing - exfoliating additional advantages Volume : Volume: 500 ml