INVEDA Glow Booster Kit INVEDA Glow Booster Kit INVEDA Glow Booster Kit INVEDA Glow Booster Kit
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INVEDA Glow Booster Kit

This glow booster kit offers instant and faster results than normal daily care essentials. This relative combo provides immediate glow and long-lasting beauty glow without over stimulating the skin. The potential of glowing skin essentials of INVEDA is to treat the dull skin and give an unmatched party glow in no time.Size : Combo Use Before/Expiry/Best Before : 36 months Color : No Color Preference : Natural Skin Type : Combination Skin Concerns : Dullness Usage Instructions : Follow the easy process with all your heart and let our products do the magic.Step 1- Wash your face with Inveda Moroccan Argan Oil Cleanser. It is one of the best cleanser for dry skin.Step 2- Use Invedas Avocado Scrub effectively removes the dead skin cells as well as the free radicals deposited on the skin. Presence of Avocado boosts collagen and heals sun damage. Massage gently on moist skin in circular motion for 2-3 minutes,and then rinse off with water.Step 3- Looking for a number of face packs for glow online. Glow Face Pack performs the primary function of providing natural glow to your skin. The combination of Apricot and Orange deeply exfoliates the skin and detoxifies it completely. After scrubbing,evenly apply a thin coat of Glow Pack on face and neck,let is set for 15-20 min and wash.Step 4- Finish this process by applying Glow and Radiance Blend on face and neck. Number of Pieces : 4 Country of Origin : India Combo : Yes