3 Magic Tricks to buy right fit Jeans without trial

Most of Indian men and women opt to go for local jeans brand instead of branded jeans, because local manufacturing jeans brands are also giving various colours, patterns, designs all just at lowest price than top brands. The experience of buying local product is not always as comfortable as branded. Sometime you do not have trial room or sometime some retailers do not agree to give a trial. Most of buyers change their buying decision at last even after selecting the best pair of jeans when they aren’t given the trial. Have you any such experience that you refused to pay for jeans you like the most just because of not getting trial?

If you still love to buy local brand without trial then do not worry, now we are giving away three cool fashion hacks for those who want to buy perfect fit jeans or trouser even without trial.Advertisement

1. Neck Method: Measuring waist using Neck

Circumference of your waist is approximately double the circumference of your neck.

jeans trick, jeans hack, measure trouser without wearing

1. First of all button up jeans or trouser that you want to check.

2. Then wrap the waist of the jeans around the neck as you wear necklace. You can wrap jeans from front-side or backside. Choose wrapping method according to your comfort.

3. If the edges of waistband meet each other comfortably without overlapping then jeans should be right fit you on waist. If the edges of waistband overlap then it should be oversized jeans and same if the edges of waistband showing a gap to meetup then it should be undersized jeans.

When Helpful?

  • Trial room facility is not available
  • Do not have time to check the size or have to wait more due to long queue for trial in mall.
  • Do not want to trial all your selected jeans and want to get quick idea about fitting as sizing can vary across brands

Note: This trick do not work in case of high waisted jeans and low rise jeans.

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2. Hand Method: Measuring waist using Hand

buy right fit trouser without trail, jeans trick, fashion hack, fashion tips

Clench a fist and then try to place your elbow and crossed finger in between waistline of jeans as shown in image above.

fashion trick to buy perfect fir jeans, fashion hack

If your hand fits well and jeans behold between them luckily as the image shown above then you have selected right fit jeans for your waistline.

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This Video from Myntra will explain first 2 tricks easily….

3. Shoulders Method: Measuring Hips using Shoulders

easy fashion trick or hack to measure perfect fit pant's hips for your body without try in trail room, jeans magic trick, jeans hack

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Measuring the waist doesn’t finish your work. Many of women have proportionally larger hips than waist measurement. If above two tricks work then do not forget to try this trick too, to find out perfect fit jeans.

First find out the widest hip part of your trouser and then try to measure it from shoulder to shoulder.

If you find your shoulders larger or equal to your trouser’s hip measurement then jeans should be fit at hips.

If you find your jeans’ hip measurement slightly wider then your shoulders then it is perfect fit.

If you find your jeans’ hip measurement much wider than your shoulders then jeans is baggy at hips.

Hey, friends these tricks work for most of human bodies. I used word most because it is not 100% true as any universal law. Please, try and write in comment about your ideas. If you have any such fashion hack in your mind then please share with us we are happy to share with our fans. After all sharing is caring.


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  1. The forearm in the waist band works perfectly for me. Tieing the waist of the jeans to the neck seems silly.

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