10 Best Lipstick Brands to Add to your Makeup Bag Right Now!

AdvertisementNothing enhances your look more than wearing a good brand Lipstick. There are a plethora of lipstick shades matching your skin type available in the market. Lipstick not only makes you look attractive, it keeps your lips moist and crack free.

best selling popular lipstick brands in india to buy online

A good lipstick brand makes the perfect and the most desired pout. Lipstick shades also speak of your attitude and temperament type. It is fun to carry a lipstick shade and flaunt the look gorgeously. With varied prices and shades, there’s one to suit everyone’s taste.

10 Best Selling Lipstick Brands to Use for that Perfect Pout

  1. Mac
  2. Chanel
  3. Lakme
  4. L’oreal Paris
  5. Revlon
  6. Maybelline
  7. Lotus Herbals
  8. Blue Heaven
  9. Elle 18
  10. Colorbar


1. MAC

mac lipstick shades with price in india, MAC expensive lipstick brand

The brand offers creamy rich lipstick shades with high color payoff. Mac lipsticks are available in both Matte and glossy shades. There are more than 40 shades of Mac Lipstick. Mac Red shades are very iconic and look extremely sexy and feminine when worn. With price range on an average of Rs. 1500+, Mac lipstick shades make a statement when worn.

Price Range: Rs. 500-18000
Type: Crayon, Liquid, Pencil, Stick
Features: Long Lasting, Moisturising, Regular
Finish: Creme, Glossy, Matte, Pearl, Shimmer, Metallic
Colors: Brown, Nude, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Sky Blue, Maroon, Blue, Black, Grey, Yellow, Golden, Silver, Green
Websites to Avail: Maccosmetics.in, Nykaa.com, Myntra.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com


2. Chanel

chanel matte lipstick shades, best lipstick brands names in india

The first range of Chanel Lipstick range was released in 1924 and that particular range is still the most popular and sold range in the brand. Chanel shades are generally long stay permanent lipstick shades. With a wide range of shades from crayons to hydrating intense colors to matte and glossy lipshines are available.

Price Range: Rs. 2500-7500
Type: Liquid, Stick, Crayon, Pencil
Features: Moisturising, Regular, Long Lasting
Finish: Matte, Creme, Glossy, Satin, Glitter, Metallic, Sheer, Shimmer, Luminous
Colours: Beige, Brown, Maroon, Nude, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple, White, Red, Black, Golden, Orange
Websites to Avail: Amazon.in, Flipkart.com


3. Lakme

lakme lipstick shades with indian price, lipstick brands used by celebrities

This is one of the most trusted Lipstick brand in the Indian market ranking no. 1 in Indian cosmetic industry. Their 9 to 5 lipstick range is the most captivating and best selling product in Indian market. Their Hi-Definition Matte lipstick and Absolute Gloss are the most sought after and preferred shades to wear.

Price Range: Rs. 150-6000
Type: Crayon, Liquid, Pencil, Stick
Features: Long Lasting, Moisturising, Regular
Finish: Creme, Glossy, Luminous, Matte, Satin, Shimmer, Tinted
Colours: Brown, Nude, Orange, Pale Peach, Pink, Red, Red Berry, Purple, Maroon
Websites to Avail: Myntra.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Jabong.com, Nykaa.com


4. L’Oreal Paris

loreal lipstick colors chart, best lipstick brand for dry lips

L’Oreal has the most stunning range of Lipstick range with long lasting experience in Matte and Gloss finish. L’Oreal infuses Jojoba oil in their lipsticks to give a hydrating effect and create luscious lips. L’oreal pure red and stain shades of Lipsticks are popular products in the market.

Price Range: Rs. 400-8500
Type: Stick, Crayon, Pencil, Liquid
Features: Long Lasting, Hydrating, Transfer Resistant, Shine
Finish: Matte, Satin, Glossy, Creme, Shimmer
Colours: Maroon, Beige, Brown, Golden, Grey, Multicolor, Neon, Nude, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, Coral
Websites to Avail: Jabong.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com

5. Revlon

revlon lipstick lowest price, best long lasting lipstick brand

Revlon Lipsticks are most iconic and make a statement to wear. With Lipstick names like “Love is on”, “HD Gel and Matte” they make superior quality product in the market. The popular shades include Red, Carnation, Pink, Teak, Cherry and a few more.

Price Range: Rs. 400-15000
Type: Liquid, Crayon, Pencil, Stick
Features: Moisturising, Regular, Long Lasting
Finish: Creme, Matte, Pearl, Glossy, Satin, Sheer
Colours: Red, Purple, Beige, Blue, Brown, Maroon, Multicolor, Nude, Orange, Peach, Pink
Websites to Avail: Amazon.in, Shoppersstop.com, Jabong.com, Flipkart.com

6. Maybelline

maybelline lipstick shades and price in india

The brand is known for its color sensational Lipstick shades. They’re well known for their metallic and nude finish lipstick shades. Maybelline lipstick shades are made from pure pigments and hence apart from the look, they care of the skin of your lips. The price range caters to the mass, providing branded quality products.

Price Range: Rs. 200-17500
Type: Stick, Crayon, Liquid, Pencil
Features: Long Lasting, Moisturising, Regular
Finish: Shimmer, Creme, Matte, Glossy, Duochrome, Tinted, Special Effect
Colours: Maroon, Red, Pink, Nude, Orange, Brown, Purple, White, Black, Blue, Beige, Golden, Peach
Websites to Avail: Nykaa.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Jabong.com

7. Lotus Herbals

lotus lipstick shades with number in amazon

The brand has made a name in the market with natural and skin friendly products. The brand offers close to 25 shades that are pocket friendly and economical. Their Ecostay lipstick shades are also a hit in the Indian market. Branding well on natural make lipstick shades, the company has seen tremendous growth in market share.

Price Range: Rs. 200-12000
Type: Crayon, Liquid, Pencil, Stick
Features: Long Lasting, Moisturising, Spf
Finish: Glossy, Matte, Natural, Pearl, Creme, Satin, Shimmer, Tinted
Colours: Brown, Nude, Orange, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Red, Copper Gold, Peach
Websites to Avail: Amazon.in, Myntra.com, Flipkart.com, Nykaa.com

8. Blue Heaven

best branded lipstick shades for medium and dusky skin tone

The brand offers low priced lipstick shades that care well for your lips. The lipstick shades have an eye-catchy look. The brand has some rich lipstick shades like Xpression Choco passion, color changing and a few more. At affordable prices, the lipstick shades are good quality products.

Price Range: Rs. 100-700
Type: Stick, Crayon, Liquid, Pencil
Features: Moisturising, Long Lasting, Hydrating
Finish: Creme, Glitter, Glossy, Matte, Natural
Colours: Green, Brown, Maroon, Multi-Color, Nude, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Transparent, Yellow, Neon, Peach, White
Websites to Avail: Flipkart.com, Shopclues.com, Amazon.in, Nykaa.com

9. Elle 18

best lipstick brands to buy perfect matching shades for wheatish skin

Popular with the young and trendy crowd, the brand offers an array of lipstick shades. Their recently introduced Color pops goes very well with the teenage and college growing crowd. The quality is reasonably acceptable considering the price range. The lipsticks give a vibrant look offering a blast of colors.

Price Range: Rs. 100-300
Type: Stick
Features: Moisturising, Regular
Finish: Luminous, Creme, Duochrome, Glossy, Matte, Natural
Colours: Orange, Maroon, Brown, Pink, Purple, Red, Coral
Websites to Avail: Nykaa.com, Amazon.in, Shopclues.com

10. ColorBar

must have lipstick brands to buy colour shades for indian skin

The brand offers lipstick shades that give a creamy feel to wear and have a moisturizing property. ColorBar lipsticks are infused with Vitamin E that give a healthy and rich look to your lips.

Price Range: Rs. 200-12000
Type: Liquid, Crayon, Stick, Pencil
Features: Regular, Long Lasting, Moisturising, Smudge Proof, Spf
Finish: Creme, Glossy, Matte, Natural, Pearl, Satin, Shimmer, Glitter
Colours: Purple, Red, Brown, Nude, Orange, Pink, Black, Golden, Maroon, White
Websites to Avail: Jabong.com, Nykaa.com, Myntra.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com

With the wide array of brands and their USPs, it is definitely easier for one to choose the right shade. Flaunt  a lipstick shade for a cool and chic look.

5 Other Popular Lipstick Brands for Indian Skin Tone

  1. Chambor
  2. Estee Lauder
  3. NYX (Niks)
  4. Avon
  5. Sugar

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