10 Names of Panty Women Use But Men Don’t Know

Undergarments can say a considerable number of things about a lady. It’s something that men are fixated on as just a minor look at a thong belt makes them get stunned. At a very first glance, men discover these provocative. So, ladies – what are you waiting for? Investigate your audacious and unusual sides and slip on a pair of bra and panty that suits your mind-set.

Names of Panty Women Use But Men Don't Know

Give your pair a classy name and see men pondering on what kind lies underneath the pants. Given below are some fancy panty names that give men shivers..

10 Fancy Names of Women’s Panty that Give Men Shivers

1. Beach Bikini

latest bikini design

These are the sorts of undies which are exceptionally prevalent among ladies. It is a hot piece made for young ladies who love to flaunt their perfect curves amid summer. Bikinis are cut like the swimwear two-piece suit, which is exceptionally complimenting especially as a beach wear.

2. Daily Doer Panties

Breathable Mid Waist Panties

Boy shorts are well known among ladies because of its guaranteed comfort and provocative look and hence the term daily doer. Numerous men like ladies in boy shorts as they are simple with many patterns and designs. Being just like men’s sleep shorts, these can be worn amid exercising sessions.

3. Tummy Hiders

tummy control Panty

Briefs are high-midsection undies that practically cover the navel. This one is a flawless decision when you need to tuck that tummy inside. Briefs are for the most part favoured with body con dresses where it goes about as a shape-wear. This works awesome for those ladies who are in their post pregnancy period.

4. Grandma Panties

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These are one among the most well-known undies styles which is also famous as hipsters and maybe the one you have been wearing all your life. These are super comfortable and have the belt around the hip. These undies having a real good coverage are a suggested wear on the overwhelming days of periods.

5. Richie Rich Panties

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Lace panties are a classy, elegant and a perfect choice for ladies who prefer looking super sexy while being comfortable. These are very main stream amongst the brides as they are the perfect fit to seduce men.

6. Cheeky Panties

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They are quiet similar to bikinis, these undies uncover a liberal amount of butt cheeks. These undies are planned utilizing a lace textured fabric to provide extreme solace while offering an appealing look. Cheeksters are another variety that has a less coverage and gives a chance to show of that booty.

7. Fantasy Panties

Crochet Panty Pattern

This one is an erotic form of bikini which gives the minimal coverage to butts and is famous as thongs. The sides of these undies are more slender and lie on the hipbones. Tanga, a European style panty also comes in this category with the only difference that it gives a little more coverage than the normal thongs.

8. Fetish Panties

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String panties are most blazing among all. These are the ones that cover the genital part with a bit of fabric that is bolstered by strings, which consequently uncovers the whole butt region. The G-string, C-string, V-string etc. all come under this category. This one is chiefly for adding a sexy appeal to a flawless figure without giving any assurance of comfort.

9. Saving Panty

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Nothing beats the solace offered by the pocket friendly seamless panties or saving panties. These panties don’t leave any visible lines. Thus, this can be worn under any sort of thin and tight attire like stockings. These are accessible in the vast majority of kinds, thongs and briefs to name a few.

10. Painfully Ignored Panties

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Regularly named as to as high-cut or French cut undies, these panties picked up resurgence in the 1980s, because of Jane Fonda’s exercising recordings. They have an indistinguishable high waist with high cut leg soles.

Ladies have numerous varieties with regards to their undergarments as seen by the ones recorded above. From what you have been utilizing all your life, you may be astounded to think about these inclining styles accessible in the market and how these sorts have their own particular magnificence.

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