6 Outfits Indian Men Should Own for Party/Wedding

Outfits Indian Men Should Own for Party/Wedding

We all know how important traditions in India are. If women can appear so stylish why should men be left behind? We give you a chance to know and style Indian outfits in no time. Look debonair in our chosen and favorite ethnic collection. Follow this guide to know everything about Indian fashion for men. It helps you not be clueless ever when there is an upcoming occasion. Stay with us and look out for these styles.

6 Outfits Every Men Should Consider to wear in Party/Wedding

  1. Sherwani
  2. Kurta Pajama
  3. Nehru Jacket
  4. Suit
  5. Blazer
  6. Party Wear Shirts

1. Sherwani

Sherwani is a long coat like garment worn in India for occasion. It is combined usually with chudidar, dhoti, or pajama. When it comes to ethnic clothing, none of the styles appear as classy as a sherwani does. Sherwani are usually paired with Nehru jacket and traditional sandals like jootis or mojris. They are majorly available in shades like reds, orange and gold. But at times it can be quite tricky to pull of this style. It can make you look a total gentlemen on the floor.

How to style a sherwani:

  • Pair your long length sherwani with Jodhpuri pants or trousers as it helps avoid the fashion blunder.
  • Over accessorizing can spell disaster and so you need to keep it minimal. A pocket square can add that contrast to your look.
  • Punctuate the entire look with suitable footwear. Keep it simple and classy. You can also opt for brogues here.

Top Trending Sherwani Style For Wedding:


2. Kurta Pajama

A kurta is a loose collarless shirt that is worn by men with salwars and pajamas. Kurta and pajama swear to never go out of style. No matter how your body built is, it can make you look your best. There are ways to wear this style in several ways to so many occasions. When the plain one gets boring for you, contemporizing this staple of men’s wear can bring back all the style points. Spruce up your kurta this season without second guessing.

How to wear Kurta Pajama:

  • Switch to a style with no fuss by adding a shawl to your kurta pajama. Add the touch of confidence to this look and appear stylish.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to just Pajama and experiment your kurta with jeans too. Note that the fit of your denims has to apt here. Bring on some more coolness by adding sunglasses to your look.

Best Selling Kurta Pajama Style For Men:


3. Nehru Jacket

A Nehru jacket is a coat made for men with a mandarin collar and is well known since the reign of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru jackets are timeless and elegant. Their versatility is unquestionable and impeccable. Whether it’s a typical ethnic attire or classic one, a Nehru jacket can pump up any look when teamed up with right sense of style. Men should at least have one from wide collection to add dimension to different looks. Ideally designed to bring grace, they will always remain an apt choice.

How to style Nehru Jacket:

  • When you wear this jacket over a kurta, then wear one with a contrasting color. It should not collide with the kurta and should stand out in a bold way.
  • Try bottoms like dhotis and pajamas here. You can also add contrasting pocket square to head out in style.
  • Velvet is in vogue to and this fabric is also worth a shot. Prefer ones with minimal embellishment and club them with trousers for some fun look.

Most Popular Designer Nehru Jacket Style:


4. Suit

A set of men’s garments of the same color and fabric which comprises of trouser, jacket, or vest. No man’s wardrobe is complete without a suit. Men have been approaching style since long now. Wearable at so many different occasions, a suit is definitely an epitome for a formal men’s fashion. When there is a swanky party or work at the office, a suit is a choice to go for. However at times men fail to combine this outfit well. It can combined appropriately and if you are wishing to create smart outfit there are several ways for the same. Sniff in the business world with suits to charm.

How to style Suit:

  • A grey suit jacket does justice to fashion. It’s apt for formal occasion and also for informal, light summer days. Try combining it with chinos and pair semi-formal shoes with it.
  • The rule while wearing a black suit is to wear black shoes. Make it monochromatic by pairing white shirt and black pants. This combination is definitely classic.

Top Trending Suits For Men Design:

5. Blazer

A plain jacket not forming a part of suit but considered appropriate for formal wear is known as a blazer. It’s an essence and will always be considered a piece that adds sharpness to an outfit. They are a perfect addition that help pull any look together. The fit, color, and material throw an impact when worn with a formal attire. Master a man’s wardrobe in no time with this versatile piece of design which is made just to keep your fashion game on point. Your confidence is about get boosted when you take out this classic piece and amp it up with different looks.

How to style a Blazer:

  • When you wish to appear formal, then opt for suit jacket setting which is well defined. Wear matching pair of trousers like that of your blazer. It looks sophisticated when there is a meeting happening.
  • For casual settings, you can opt to wear a blazer with your denims and sneakers. It can look jazzed up without having to do much.

Best Selling Blazer Style For Men:

6. Party Wear Shirts

Party wear shirts are the ones that are apt and made certainly for parties. The best thing about them is that they don’t include heavy dressing or tuxedos. They are quite casual and relaxing while still letting you rock the floor. It’s a perfect opportunity to express and demonstrate your well groomed guy side. It totally depends on the kind of party you have as the styles of shirt differ accordingly. So put in some effort and see how you can create an appealing appearance for everyone around you.

How to style Party Wear Shirts:

  • If you are heading to a pub, simple grab your black shirt with a pair blue denims. Tuck it in and don’t forget your casual sneakers with it. It looks keen and polished at the same time.
  • If you are heading to a dinner convert your shirts and create a cocktail attire. Wear your shirt underneath a blazer and right fitted trousers. This will give an ultimate look and style.

Most Popular Party Wear Shirts:

For sure, there are occasions that require us to dress up in a different manner but we have got your back. With us you will never miss out on right styling tips no matter where you are heading to. Feel free and say yes to these styles now!

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