8 Types of Trousers A Man can’t Live Without

It often happens that men forget to look for bottoms because they have denims as their mate always. But a smart choice of the bottoms can be the most powerful thing and a bad one can instantly kill the entire hard work you just invested in your look.

List of different types of pants for guys with names and photos

It’s always easy to choose those black pants and step out but wake up because a fashion guide is waiting for you. Here are some styles you might have skipped. We help you go through it and choose to make it your statement and staple for the next times.

8 Types of Trousers every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe

  1. Chinos
  2. Casual Trousers
  3. Formal Trousers
  4. Joggers
  5. Jeans
  6. Track Pants
  7. Cargo
  8. Jodhpuri

1. Chinos

Chinos are a cotton twill fabric or casual cotton trousers made from chino or similar fabric. The chinos fall in between of khakis and dress pants. A popular style and a great piece of work wear that comes with exceptionally cool way. If invested in this, it will let you cherish every moment as you pick up this item. They are a step up in a dressy world and a style that’s an all-rounder. Chinos have been a part of fashion world since the 20th century. It totally depends on what type of chinos you own because they come in various styles which make it apt for different occasions. Chinos are transitional piece that give an utter comfort vibe.

How to wear Chinos:

  • Wear the chinos with your t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers when there is a semi-formal occasion.
  • Try out blazer and brogues when you need to attend a business casual meeting.

2. Casual Trousers

Let’s face it picking this one is always easy but what you didn’t know is how versatile this piece of design appears. These pants can be dressy and easy one too even when you want to run your errands. They never make you feel out of the place due to their sexy quotient. The casual pants can prep up any kind of look. Pull off the style of casual pants while still being the best dressed guy in the room. It’s about to take the fashion call seriously.

How to wear casual pants

  • It’s not always necessary to go for t-shirts in this case but you can always experiment.
  • Opt for shirts as well and make it look attractive with the help of sunglasses and a watch to go. They are style forward and comfy at the same time.

3. Formal Trousers

Formal trousers are formal striped trousers worn as a formal or semi-formal daywear. They have settings that can make the work and fancy party quite interesting. If you want something that’s a bit different than the standard pants you always wear then formal pants are a way to do so. They add that spark and details of smartness in no time. Opt for colors like black, blue, and grey because they are timeless and can prep up any look in no time.

How to formal pants:

  • Go for a blazer of nearest shades of your formal pants to give symmetry. These pants are always about looking elegant and staying calm while knacking the style code. Choose the ones that are not too tight or else it could destroy the magic of a formal dress code.
  • You can also club it with a crisp shirt and formal shoes along with a watch.

4. Joggers

Joggers are loose trousers made of stretchy fabric elasticated at the waist that are worn during jogging hours. But this style doesn’t stop there. They have endured over the years and have been awarded for being the most favorite garment. The leisure wear have garnered popularity in the recent season. At the first glance, it may not look trendy but honestly this piece can be clubbed with different styles too. They are either loose or tapered at the bottom. This makes them look great and now become a revolution for us to rely on.

How to pair joggers:

  • T-shirts are the epitome of casual fashion and that’s why you need to choose them. Team it up with your joggers to get a perfect sports style.
  • For more vibrant look, you can try out colors and patterns.
  • Go for a plaid shirt with sunglasses, as it’s also one of the best alternatives to use with causal joggers.

5. Jeans

Denims are timeless piece that have been with us for centuries now. They are a wardrobe staple and definitely saviors. Truly our fashion sense is nothing without jeans. It adds that charm of smart and sensible to any look. Never give up on jeans. The styles that come with it are impeccable and this trademark piece has the ability to keep the desire to dress well intact. Choose the ones that’s your favorite but make sure the brand you choose is reliable. It’s always okay to spend something extra on it because they are worth it.

How to pair the jeans:

  • The key rule to crack the code here is to make sure to keep it simple and not always preppy. Dress up according to occasion.
  • Opt for a striped shirt with your jeans and shoes to go.
  • You can also keep it easier by teaming solid t-shirts with it. Add on some enhancement with a cool pair of shoes here.
  • If you are experimental then try out denim on denim.

6. Track Pants

Track pants are stretchable attire that can be worn for casual outings and workouts. Every now and then a trend sticks with us and seasons change but styles don’t. Track pants are one of the essential and most proven outfits for warmer months. They are available in many colors and versatility that can’t be denied. They are appropriate not just for laid back days but also for many occasions. You just need to have a knack of guts to crack this style of track pants. Don’t be afraid and nail this style with confidence. Smarten up the laziest look now!

How to pair track pants:

  1. Nail off duty dressing with pullover and track pants. Complete this look with white sneakers.
  2. Pair a blue denim jacket with track pants while you are out in the city. Add some more dapperness to your style with black shoes to go.
  3. Create an outfit with friends during weekends with bomber jacket. Wear your loafers to get a polished look.

7. Cargo

Cargo pants are loose fitting cotton trousers with large patch pockets which are half way down each leg. Originally made for the military back in 30’s, the pants were mainly designed for outdoor activities. They are known to hold field dressings. They have slowly become more popular for street style looks and are so fashionable that fit right in. Finish your modern style outfit with these pants because they have an interesting mix of comfort and fitness cue.

How to pair cargo pants:

  • The cargo pants go really well when teamed up with a black t-shirt a cap.
  • You can also try a light colored shirt with your pants to give out some style statement.

8. Jodhpuri

Jodhpuri pants are pants with sturdy cloth that are traditionally wide hipped and tightly fitted from knee to ankle. The best part about them is that they are unlike other styles. The height doesn’t matter here because this style is meant for all. Jodhpuri pants give a sharp look. You can sport this attire well when you hit some weddings or cocktail parties. The ethnic wear also has the potential to create popular looks. They just prove how you can rock and roll on the floor opting for Jodhpuri pants.

How to wear Jodhpuri pants:

  • A kurta with stitch detailing and a jacket over it is what would look the best on Jodhpuri pants.
  • You can also add a blazer to your outfit. Just keep a check of the occasion you are about to head to when it comes to footwear.

Pick any of the above styles when you are confused which bottom to opt for. They give about an opportunity to enhance a look you have wanted to achieve. Don’t miss out on them!

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