9 Types of Underwear for Men We bet you don’t know

Stop wearing regular panty as underwear! We curated a list of 9 different undergarments names that every man loves to add in his innerwear closet.

The fashion world is ever involving and gone are the days when inner wear did not come in the fashion dictionary. With all of us now open about almost anything, there are just so many options for what you wear beneath the outfits as well. Talking of men, there is now a huge variety of men’s underwear than before. We have come up with your personal style guide including all the different types of underwear that men can go for. Every type has its own pro’s and con’s. You would be surprised to know that some styles have a story behind the origin of their design and how they evolved.

different underwear style for men to check which styles is best for menSo just peek in and see for yourself what the underwear style guide has in store for you and shop along.

  1. Boxer Briefs
  2. Briefs
  3. Boxer Shorts
  4. Thongs
  5. Jockstrap
  6. C-String
  7. Tanga
  8. Mankini
  9. Tights

most stylish men's underwear types with pictures

1. Boxer Briefs

black boxer brief, best underwear for menAlso known as Trunks, Boxer briefs sit high on the waist and cover half of your thighs. They provide full coverage and full support.

They are best while workout as they prevent you from chaffing.

Wear with: Jeans, Sportswear, Everyday wear
Best for: Workout, Sports, Beach sports

2. Briefs

They are a guy’s best friend and almost every guys own one of these. Ultimate savior for anytime, these are high rise from the back of the waist but leave the upper thigh and sides of the legs exposed. They are comfortable under almost any outfit of yours. You get them in varying rises, designs and styles.

Low Rise Briefs

blue low rise brief is stylish underwear for menThese actually enhance the package and just give you to the point coverage below the waist.

Wear with: Low waist jeans and shorts

Mid Rise Briefs

which underwear is good for manThe waist band just sits at your natural waist.

Wear with: Everyday wear, Dressing Up, Formal Occasions, Moderate Sports

Full Rise Briefs

how to choose underwear for menThe waist sits high just below the belly button eliminating love handles and also giving a smooth stomach.

Wear with: Everyday wear, Dressing Up, Formal Occasions, Moderate Sports

3. Boxer Shorts

yellow printed boxer shorts is best underwear for men in term of comfortIf you are looking for breathable underwear rather than support, boxers are perfect for you. They are loose fitting like linen shorts and have come with an open fly. They are now available as slim-fit as well providing maximum ease.

Wear with: Loose pants, Pajamas, Shorts
Best for: Casual Sports, Beaches, Regular Wear 

4. Thongs

blue thongThongs are as minimum bare as underwear can be and provide minimum or almost no coverage! For men, who do not want underwear lines or baggy jeans to be visible, this can be a sensual and erotic choice.

With just a bare fabric in the front attached to strings at the waist, thongs leave your back bare.

Wear with: Anything you wear
Best for: Relaxing, Going Out, Beach, Spa, Swimwear

They come in two adaptations:


black men gstringG-strings have a string attached to the main fabric working as a waistband and provide least coverage, apt for sunbathing and tanning.

Wider T-Shape Thongs

blue wide t shape thongMaking a T-shape at the front, these have thicker waistband and have more coverage at the front.

5. Jockstrap

multicolor jockstrapJockstraps have been specifically designed for athletes and people who engage in rigorous sports activities. With a pouch in the front providing maximum support, a jockstrap has leg bands that fall in the sides of the waist connected to the waist band. Cups can be inserted into the pouch as and when you are in sports like cycling and martial arts to prevent penis and testical injuries.

Wear with: Sports Uniform, Tight Pants
Best for: Rigorous Sports

6. C-String

red c stringYou might not need this unless you have intentions of modelling as the playboy or becoming the next gigolo. The C-string has a built in C-ring that exposes your front part as well as you back with a brief front and jock pack. It is mostly used as a sensual tool in clubs and often comes in neon colors.

Best for: Modeling & private intimacy

7. Tanga

black tanga briefThey are a pair of brief that give coverage to the front part and are usually connected with fabric bands around the waist. The waist bands are usually thin but thicker than the G-string.

Wear with: Regular Wear
Best for: Outing, Dressing Up

8. Mankini

red mankiniThey are the men’s version of a bikini, hence named so. They were actually designed without waistbands and a fly for sunbathing and spa purpose, but now a more publicly acceptable version has been designed.

The future of swimwear, mankinis have more fabric than G-strings and come with a sling that stretched to the neck and come back leaving the back bare.

Best for: Sunbathing, Modelling, Tanning, Beachwear, Swimwear

9. Tights

Men's TightsTights are made up of elastic fabric and are usually worn by men and women during vigorous exercise. They often are tight and cling to your skin saving you from muscle wear and tear.

Best for: Gym activities, Cycling, Racing and vigorous activities


Much to the surprise, there are modifications and styles that just don’t fall in any particular category but exist in the world of underwear for men.

Have a look:

orangeWe hope there are ample choices for you to go for when you get your next stock for underwear. Make sure you know what suits best when from now on and be as comfortable as you can be. Let us know of how the guide helped you along and keep reading for more food for fashion!

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