9 Styles to tie a Sarong You will definitely love

AdvertisementSarong is one the “must have” piece of clothing for all fashion conscious girls. It becomes a necessity if you are planning for a beach holiday. Nothing can beat the charm of wearing your favorite swimwear accessorized with a beach sarong. As you head towards the shore point, carrying a juicy novel in any of the world’s most beautiful beaches, you suddenly catch all the attention. Sarongs are the perfect accessories for a day at the beach beyond any doubt.

Sarongs used as a swimwear cover-up give a tighter and a sleeker fit silhouette. Not only as a beach wear, sarongs can be of great use while camping. They are great accessories with shorts and shirts! International travelers will very well understand the virtue of carrying an extra piece of clothing with them in their trip.

Styles of Sarong

You can create a lot of looks with your sarong. It offers endless possibilities of fashion improvisation. It’s up to you to use it as a revealing outfit or modest attire. The cool and comfortable tabular sarong can be donned everyday with a T-shirt as casual wear. You can also go for the un-sewn batik sarong and get it stitched as you like your sarong to be. Choose from the beautifully patterned sarongs and team it up with fine blouses. That gives the traditional sarong a contemporary flair. Wrap around your sarong, flip-flop it or wear it as shorts as you go almost everywhere! Also, you could wear them at pool parties and embellish it with beads, flowers, glitters, shells or anything that you find fashionable.

Your legs tend to look longer and your bottom look trimmer in high cut hip sarongs. Sarongs with fringes or trims look subtle with plain hems. Always carry a sarong to tropical island destinations and you can wear them as you pass by a church or other sacred sites.Advertisement

How to wrap a sarong for smart style statement

All you need is a little patience, experimentation and practice to tie your sarong. For the most popular way of wearing it, hold the sarong horizontally behind you. Then gather the ends of the sarong and pull the right end of the sarong below your armpit to your left shoulder. Do the same to the left end of the sarong to your right shoulder. Quickly tie these two ends behind your neck to get the perfectly covered sarong look.

You do not have to be conscious in how to really tie a sarong. Sarongs can be tied as you like to tie it. There is no “wrong” way to tie a sarong. You can see girls at the most exotic beaches wearing a sarong like a full length dress. Some wear it like little skirts around their hips. Some even wear them around their head as head accessories.

Use your long sarong to make a wonderful evening gown. Or wrap a sarong as a beach cover up if you feel shy to flaunt your body. To wear it like a skirt, you first have to hold the sarong lengthwise around your waist and then wrap it. You can also use the sarong as a windbreaker as you wear it over your head and shoulders. You can team it up as a muffler or scarf around the neck for a stylish look. Practice wrapping sarongs of around your body in front of a full length mirror for better grip over it.

9 Sarong Tying Styles you will definitely love all

  1. Long Skirt Style Sarong
  2. Halter Dress Style Sarong
  3. Triangle Skirt Style Sarong
  4. Toga Dress Style Sarong
  5. Mini Dress Style Sarong
  6. Blouse Style Sarong
  7. Towel Style Sarong
  8. Bikini Covers Style Sarong
  9. Wedding Gown Style Sarong

1. Long Skirt Style Sarong

long skirts

A long skirt can also be quickly made with a sarong over a bikini or swimsuit. Place your sarong at your waistline, from the back to the front and tie the two ends together to achieve the look of a long skirt. Let the knot to rest on the hip for a neat get up.

2. Halter Dress Style Sarong

halter dress

You can easily make a halter dress from a sarong by tying it around the back of your neck like we have learned some time back. They look absolutely girly and charming on any body type.

3. Triangle Skirt Style Sarong

triangle skirt

This is the most common use of sarong in beaches. Just fold the sarong in half and create a triangle. Now wrap the longest edge of the triangle around your waist and tie both the corners together on any side of the hip.

4. Toga Dress Style Sarong

toga dress

Getting the toga dress look is simple with a tabular sarong. Hold your sarong horizontally in your back first. Then, tuck the left corner of it below your arm. You can also do it with your right corner. Let the other end wrap your entire bod y below the armpit. Put the corner in line with the other on the other shoulder. Now put the two corners over your shoulder and tie a double knot.

5. Mini Dress Style Sarong

mini dress

Hold the sarong and just lay it over your breasts to become a sexy mini dress evening events on the beach.

6. Blouse Style Sarong


To wrap sarong in blouse style Batik sarongs are the best pick. Batik sarongs, made of lacey material can be put tight in around the waist to achieve a feminine look.

7. Towel Style Sarong


Beside wrapping or tying a sarong one can try this style. At a pinch, a sarong can be used a towel or a sheet while sleeping on the beach.

8. Bikini Covers Style Sarong

bikini covers

In spite of how great you look in a bikini, you should be aware of the “show it off” time and “cover it up” time. Swimsuit sarongs allow you to decide as much or as little you want to cover. They are extremely versatile and come in endless patterns, fabric and color. Many women feel uncomfortable with their body as they wear bikini or other swimwear on the beaches. Sarong is the stylish rescuer for this entire woman who can wear a sarong on the beach over their swimming costume. This allows them to stay cool as well as comfortable. Printed sarongs can be well used as an evening shawl for a more modest look as you enter or leave the beach.

9. Wedding Gown Style Sarong

wedding sarongs

Sarong dresses are associated with beach weddings. It is a good option for the bridesmaid as well as the bride as they add comfortable yet classy look to the beach front environment. The wedding sarong gowns are made of silky smooth material and can be well utilized as honeymoon lingerie.

Useful Infographics: How to wrap Sarong in 5 different ways

sarong infographicsSource

Purchasing a Sarong

You can get a at women’s any clothing stores or can buy it from online retail marketplaces. Carefully look at the photograph and go through the description before purchasing. Also check the correct size and material. Sarongs are generally made of rayon, chiffon, silk and cotton as these materials are all lightweight.

More ideas

Always wear your inner garments correctly before wearing a sarong. Sarongs also are quick remedies for unexpected spills or accidents and save you from wardrobe malfunction.


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