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N-GAL Blue & Black Striped Bikini Set NG41256 N-GAL Blue & Black Striped Bikini Set NG41256 N-GAL Blue & Black Striped Bikini Set NG41256

N-GAL Blue & Black Striped Bikini Set NG41256

This 2 in 1 bandeau style top is made for the girl who has a love-hate relationship with tan lines. From the front: you’ll love the way this banded top lays clean across the chest with no frills, and no straps. From the back: a lace-up lover’s delight as a multitude of solid Pebble straps crisscross their way across the back for just the right fit. Features•Various patterns of bikini swimwear create a wonderful summer vibe •Girls in sexy bikinis looking much sexier and irresistible.

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