How to earn reward coins?

50 coins

Upload your profile photo

50 coins

Add your mobile number to your profile

50 coins

Contribute to LooksGud community by adding beautiful products. Go to your dashboard or your user menu and click on Add discovery to add the product that appeals you. You will get 100 coins for each discovery.

75 coins

If you can suggest additional link for the same product during item discovery, you will get 75 coins for each additional links. Only 5 additional links per discovery are permitted.

2/5 coins

Liking any items other than discovered by you will get you 5 coin. When some one likes your item, you will get 5 coins for each like. After your discovered item gets 100 likes, you will only get 2 coins for each like. You will stop receiving coins for your discovered item that gets 500 likes.

100 coins

If your discovered item is get selected by expert to show in Top Expert selected items section, you will get 100 coins.

500 coins

If on item page, you upload your photo wearing that fashion item, you will earn 500 coins after your photo gets approved by admin.

200 coins

If you refer looksgud to your friends via your referral url,you will get 200 coins when that person signs up on looksgud and activates account. When your referred users earn 100 coins, you will get 200 coins for each referred user.

200 coins

If you write review on any item, you will receive 200 coins after your comment gets approved by admin.

-200 coins

Asking expert review on any item will cost you 200 coins from your coin balance.

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