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Biocare Neem Body Scrub 200ml

Biocare Neem Body Scrub 200ml

Quick Overview
Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with this BioCare Neem Scrub. Enriched neem extracts to lighten skin and reduce discoloration. Removes dirt, impurities and dead cells to give you clear looking skin.
Reduces sun burn and blemishes
Nourishes and hydrates skin
Ideal for both men and women
Suitable for all skin types
Additional Information: Biocare was born out of a modest budget and created to stand out in the beauty industry. With a beauty line that comprises of one-of-a-kind beauty products that are classified under Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products and Body Care Products, they offer a wide range of products that include cleansers, toners, scrubs, moisturizers, massage cream, face powder, skin bleach, peel offs, soaps, hand cream, foot care cream etc.
Aqua, Neem Extract, Lemon Oil, Parfum.
How to use product
Use warm water to wet your skin
Massage your skin gently with the facial scrub for one minute.
Rinse the scrub off your face.
Dry your skin.
Moisturize your skin.
Use the scrub only once or twice per week.
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