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Meglow Mens Fairness Cream ,50 grams

Meglow Mens Fairness Cream ,50 grams

Material: Cream
Weight: 50 g
Directions of use: dispense appropriate quantity of meglow for women in your hand & apply it on your face & neck. Gently massage.
Ingredients: Suraj Mukhi Tail, Jaitun Tail, Castor Oil, Bhringraj Oil ext, Japakusum Oil ext, Nariyal Tail, Jatamasi Tail, Manduk Parani Oil ext, Godhoom ankur tail, Badam Tail, Karanj Tail, Katrin Tail, Nimbu Tail, Kayputi Tail, Neem Tail, Chiringi Oil, Perfume, TBHQ, BHT, Til Tail.
Made in India

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