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Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil, 30ml Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil, 30ml

Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil, 30ml

HELPS TO CONTROL ACNE: Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil works best for all skin types. It controls acne and lightens blemishes and also controls dark patches from forming, soothes other skin related problems; its antibacterial properties help you with itchy skin. The oil helps to moisturize your skin and also nourishes your pores deeply, keeping it clean and free from excessive sebum build up.
MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENT: This product is made with 100% pure and natural Tea Tree Essential Oil. Being made from hand-picked fresh resources, it gives a natural and vibrant experience with its fresh,woody and earthy aroma.
CONTROL NATURALLY: Acne and pimples are the most common of all skin problems. Worry no more about harmful substances that could cause allergies and skin problems to your sensitive skin! Totally free of synthetic colours, preservatives, parabens and chemicals such as hexane and silicone, Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil provides natural solution to acne instead of synthetic ones.
NOURISH YOUR SKIN: Apart from acne, it helps to control topical fungal break outs
DIRECTIONS. FOR USE: Essential Oils should be diluted with carrier oils and should not be applied directly on skin or hair. Mix Tea Tree Essential Oil with Soulflower Grapeseed Carrier Oil for oily skin and use it with Soulflower Jojoba Carrier Oil for dry and itchy skin.

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