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Men's Bags: Buy Gym, Leather, Collage Backpack, Travel, Shoulder & Sling Bags for Gents from Flipkart & Amazon (3553 items)

Backpack and messenger bag is used extensively by school and college boys, whereas; gym bag and leather bag become important during elder life. Travel bags, essential bags with wheels, and a small bag are all-time essential. Our online shopping portal allows you to buy bags online on sale at prices from the best manufacturers like Nike, Pima, Hidesign, Lavie, Jimmy Choo, VIP, Adidas as well as Quechua.
Gear Campus 8 Backpack Green Grey 24 L Backpack
₹729 ₹1299 44% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
GODS Marvel Avengers Exclusive Xator 15.6 Inch Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack
₹2649 ₹3769 30% OFF Amazon
Lenovo Urban Laptop Backpack B810, Blue
₹1990 ₹3599 45% OFF Amazon
Skybags Unisex Sea Green Typography Backpack
₹1250 ₹1700 26% OFF Amazon + 2 Stores
PUMA Pop Backpack Puma Black-Acid Lime-G
₹741 ₹3499 79% OFF Amazon
Quechua HIKING BAG 20 Litre NH100 - BLACK/GREY
₹499 ₹999 50% OFF Decathlon
Skybags Switch 50 Ltrs Red Laptop Backpack (Switch)
₹5990 Tatacliq
Aristocrat 45 Ltrs Grey Rucksack
₹1436 ₹3400 58% OFF Amazon
Urban Tribe Black Polyester Backpack Bag
₹693 ₹1299 47% OFF Limeroad
₹4499 ₹6999 36% OFF Amazon
AUXTER Blacky Leatherette Gym Bag Duffel Bag Shoulder Bag
₹396 ₹999 60% OFF Amazon
F Gear Jagger 27 L Laptop Backpack(Khaki)
₹1199 ₹2580 54% OFF Amazon + 2 Stores
Wildcraft WC 5 Solid 42 L Backpack(Black)
₹1299 ₹1399 Amazon + 1 Stores
Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Grey & Black Colourblocked Backpack
₹1225 Amazon + 1 Stores
American Tourister Songo Plus 03 37 Backpack
₹1479 ₹2100 30% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Lenovo 15.6-inch Casual Laptop Briefcase T210
₹746 ₹2879 74% OFF Amazon
ADISA BP004 Light Weight 31 Ltrs Casual Laptop Backpack
₹495 ₹1799 72% OFF Amazon
JAPSBAG 30 Ltrs Casual Waterproof Laptop Backpack Bag for Men Women Boys Girls/Office School College Teens & Students with Free RAIN Cover (19 Inch)
₹567 ₹999 43% OFF Amazon
Chris & Kate Polyester 30 L Blue-Grey Spacious Comfort Casual Backpack Laptop Bag
₹452 ₹999 55% OFF Amazon
Hammonds Flycatcher Brown Genuine Leather  Messenger Bag
₹1764 ₹9999 82% OFF Amazon
MOSISO Laptop, Notebook, Polyester Vertical Bag with Pocket
₹1699 Amazon
5 O' CLOCK SPORTS Premium Quality Sports Combo of Gains Gym Bag
₹729 ₹1500 51% OFF Amazon
Hyper Adam AN-90 Antique Gym Bag, Protein Shaker and Gym Glove with Wrist Support Combo
₹599 ₹1599 63% OFF Amazon
ShopAIS Multi Utility Hanging Toiletry Bag Organizer - Light Pink
₹349 ₹500 30% OFF Amazon
Nike  BA6156-010 Black Kyrie Basketball Backpack Bag
₹4678 Amazon
Harissons Vervo 40 Ltrs Executive Laptop Backpack (Up to 14 Inch) with Built-in Waterproof Raincover
₹2399 ₹2799 14% OFF Amazon
Wildcraft Techpack 35 Ltrs Blue Rucksack (8903338002864)
₹2890 ₹3299 12% OFF Amazon
Skybags Figo 02 32 Ltrs Pink Casual Backpack (FIGO 02)
₹899 ₹1700 47% OFF Amazon
Skybags Herios Plus 01 33 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack (HERIOS Plus 01)
₹2599 ₹3000 13% OFF Amazon
Wildcraft 29 Ltrs Red Casual Backpack (11648-Red)
₹819 ₹1099 25% OFF Amazon
Skybags 32 Ltrs Blue Laptop Backpack (BPVAD2BLU)
₹1759 ₹3199 45% OFF Amazon
American Tourister Jazz Plus 01 35 L Backpack(Blue)
₹1499 Amazon
American Tourister Mambo 02 37 L Backpack(Black, Green)
₹1302 ₹2500 48% OFF Amazon
Targus TSB705APAP-50 Legend IQ Backpack Fits up to 16-Inch - Black
₹8066 ₹12999 38% OFF Amazon
Killer Louis 38L Large Navy Blue Polyester Laptop Backpack
₹1349 ₹3199 58% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Cosmus Grey Solid Unisex Everyday Backpack
₹794 ₹1899 58% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Navy Blue & White Backpack
₹1799 Myntra
Wildcraft Blue Resa Solid Backpack
₹2240 ₹2699 17% OFF Myntra + 1 Stores
Wildcraft Blue Turnaround Polyester 20 Ltrs Laptop Bag
₹1430 ₹1999 28% OFF Amazon
Wesley Milestone 15.6 inch 25 L Casual Waterproof Laptop Backpack/Office Bag/School Bag/College Bag/Business Bag/Unisex Travel Backpack (Blue and Black)
₹472 ₹1199 61% OFF Amazon

Buy bags for men online in India at the cheapest price. Shop men's bags like leather bags, college bags, backpacks, formal office bags, laptop bags, travel bags, utility bags, messenger bags, and briefcases from top brands.

The amazing range of men’s bags at our online shopping site sourced from the best websites like Myntra, Amazon, Decathlon, and Flipkart will surely leave you amazed. We also feature a huge price range from top bag manufacturers like Jimmy Choo, Lavie, Adidas, Puma, Zara, Hidesign, Guess, Nike, Quechua, VIP, and Nike. The price range starts from as low as under 200 and as high as 1000. You can also categorize men’s bags under 500, 400, as well as 100 at our website to buy online, based on your budget.

Different Types of Men’s Bags to Buy Online in India

Gym Bag

More popularly known as duffle bags around the world, gym bags are essentially used for storing men’s gym essentials like towels, water bottles, and gym clothes. These bags mostly come in synthetic canvas fabric, to be waterproof. They also traditionally have an openable top that operates using a drawstring. New style gym bags, usually come with a broad shoulder strap and a zipper opening, all along one side of the cylindrical bag.

Leather Bag

One of the trendiest as well as the expensive type of bags for men is surely leather bags. They come in different forms, ranging from travel bags, duffel bags, messenger bags, as well as backpacks. Leather bags featured on our website comprise real leather bags as well as faux leather bags, collected from top online shopping sites of India like Amazon and Flipkart.

Backpack Bag

One of the most widely used bag types around the world, backpacks are meant to be carried on one’s back, with straps, going around both your shoulders. It is essentially used in the form of school and college bags, and also as laptop bags, to carry around even heavy stuff with great ease. These types of bags are also used widely by avid travelers.

Small Bag

Small bags for men come in really handy to store and organize smaller objects like grooming essentials, tools, as well as important documents and electronics, including passport, cameras, and your cell phone. Leather bags in small sizes are really popular amongst men for stylish and effective use.

Sling Bags

Sling bags for men are majorly used for carrying around small and lightweight objects, whilst creating a fashion statement. A sling bag usually has a single long strap that goes around one shoulder for your bag to be carried around parallelly to your body. Sling bags are popular amongst college students as well as male professionals to carry around their lightweight laptops as well as documents/books.


A rucksack is a shoulder bag with two straps, that go around your shoulders, made essentially with waterproof material for effective outdoor usage. This type of bag is also used by hikers and is made with really strong fabric to withhold heavy objects easily. We have collected rucksacks for men from top shopping websites like Decathlon, Myntra, and Amazon.

Travel Bag

A travel bag is traditionally a rectangular portable bag with proper grips for easy carrying as well as an easy and stable placement while traveling on a plane, train, or motor vehicle. They are also termed as luggage or baggage bags, considering the purpose that they fulfill. We have a huge variety of travel bags for men on sale by top brands like American Tourister, Aristocrat, Safari, as well as F Gear.

Bags with Wheels

If you do not wish to carry around your heavy bags, men’s bags with wheels are the best options for you. We have a huge range of travel bags with wheels as well as backpacks with wheels which can be strolled along easily along your path while moving from one place to other on your feet.

Korean Bags

Korean fashion is spreading around the world with huge acceptance. Our website also features trendy and fashionable Korean bags that have been shortlisted for fashion enthusiasts from the best fashion websites in India like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are essentially made of cloth and rest on your lower back, with a single string that crosses your chest from one edge of your shoulder. We have an amazing range of messenger bags for men to buy online for you at a huge price range, from under 100 as well to under 500.


A briefcase is a rectangular, tapering bag with a handle at the top to carry around your documents and essentials. It is highly used by professionals and provides them with an effective formal look.

Satchel (Office bag)

Satchel is a small office bag, majorly used by men to carry their office and daily essentials. It also often comes with a thin shoulder strap for ease of carrying around. We have an amazing range of satchels by manufacturers like Adidas, WildHorn, as well as Wildcraft.