Men's Belt: Buy Any Types of Leather Belts for Jeans and Casual Pant Online at Best Price (674 items)

Leather belts for men in black and brown colors are most of the most commonly used ones. We have curated an amazing collection from the best brands of formal as well as casual belts, including belts for jeans, as well as belt wallet combos for gents to buy at the best prices from the best online shopping sites in India.

Buy waist belts for men online in India at the cheapest price. Shop leather belts, casual belts, formal belts, reversible belts, dress belts, fabric belts from top brands.

There are endless types of belts that go perfectly with distinct occasions. Moreover, the comfort and the look provided by the particular belts can actually create a whole lot of difference.

Below mentioned are the different aspects of belts for men that you need to know before picking the perfect belt.

  • Strap: This long narrow band, made with either fabric or leather is actually what wraps around your waist and connects the buckle with its tip.
  • Buckle: The metal piece which remains fixed to the center of your waist and holds together the front and the end of the strap.
  • Frame: Frame refers to the outer framework of a buckle that withholds its major working elements.
  • Prong: This is the part of the belt that allows you to tighten or loosen its grip by entering into one of the holes.
  • Bar: The cylindrical element that joins the strap to the prong.
  • Keeper Loop: The vertical bar that holds the end tip of your belt after passing through the buckle and prevents it from flapping around.
  • Chape: The element of the belt that holds the strap and the buckle together.
  • End Tip: The end part of the strap that is left loose to pass through the buckle.

Buy Belts to wear with Formal Pant

Frame style buckles with black or brown straps are best to go with formal pants. The most preferred material for a formal strap is leather with a shiny surface. The strap width should not exceed 1.5 inches and thickness is usually 0.1 inches.

Buy Belts for Jeans

The buckle that is preferred to be worn with jeans is plate or frame-shaped. Black, brown, and tan-colored staps look perfect with jeans. The material which suits the best with jeans is leather and PU, with a textured, braided, or a matt finish. Decorative and large buckles with a strap width of 1.5-1.75 inches look perfect with jeans.

Buy Belts for Shorts, Joggers, and Casual Pants

Double D rink buckles, O-shaped buckles, or Oval buckles look cool with casual pants and shorts. The preferred fabric for casual clothing is fabric or nylon with patterns or webbings. The casual straps are usually broader with a width of more than 1.5 inches.

Which buckle to go for?

A buckle can actually decide the complete outlook of a belt and the outfit as a whole. You might be able to use the same belts for men for formal as well as casual occasions, however, a buckle is what completely transforms the look. The different types of buckles that have been showcased on our website are Prong Buckle, Pin/Screw Hook Buckle, Ratchet Style Buckle, and Auto Press Buckle. The first two buckles go in perfectly for a formal look, whereas; the latter two are better for a casual look.

What kind of Belt Material to go for?

Our amazing shopping portal features almost all the types of belt materials that you could pick from. For a premium look, you can go in with either Cow and Calf Hide, tooled leather, or exotic leather. If you wish for an ultimate casual look, you can pick either suede, leather-backed ribbon, or webbing. For a simple or formal look, full-grain leather or braided leather would surely solve your purpose.

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