Smart Fitness Band: Buy Smart Bands from Mi, Samsung, Fastrack, Apple & Fitbit at Lowest Price in India (45 items)

Buy the best smart fitness band watches online in India at the lowest price from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & Decathlon. Shop smart fitness band with app support, water resistance, heart rate monitor & Spo2 features from top brands like Mi, Samsung, Fastrack, Apple, Fitbit, Goqii, Garmin, Lenovo, Timex, and Realme.

Fitness Bands are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. It does not only acts as an activity tracker but also allows you to constantly monitor your health. Our website features the best smart band watches as well as separate band straps by top brands like Samsung, Mi, Fastrack, Apple, Goqii, Lenovo, Garmin, Timex, as well as Realme. Most of these latest smartwatches have an integrated heart rate monitor, GPS as well as Spo2 level monitor. All these watches have been shortlisted from top online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Decathlon, and Myntra to buy only after comparing their prices. Our site also helps you shortlist watches as per your budget, ranging from low prices like under 100 to 300, 500, 600, 700, 1000, as well as up to and above 3000.

How to shortlist the best Fitness Bands for you?

It is very important to know all the important features of the smart band watches before you select the perfect one that suits your needs. Below mentioned are some of the factors, based on which you can pick the most perfect activity tracker for you.

What Display Type do you Prefer?

There are various screen displays that might be really difficult to use or control. Pick a display type that is user-friendly, not complicated, and offers easy controls. Some of the most important aspects that may affect you regarding the display type are as mentioned below:

  • Touch, touch buttons, or side buttons
  • Display Size
  • Coloured or Monochrome.
  • Backlight and Screen Visibility under various conditions

What important features do you need?

Does your smart activity tracker offer a heart rate monitor? Does it have a stopwatch? Does it have a reminder? If you are looking for a smartwatch to train yourself to monitor your activities, you need to ensure that the watch has all the features that you desire for.

Which activities do you indulge in?

Do you wish your watch to count the number of stairs flights that you climb? Make sure that your new activity tracker has an altimeter!

If you wish your walking, running, cycling, and other movement activities to be recorded and monitored effectively make sure that your new smart band has a GPS!

If you wish to monitor the number of calories that you burn, make sure that your watch has an effective heart rate monitor!

If you are a swimmer, make sure that your new smart band has a swimming tracking feature!

Do you need a Sleep Monitor?

If you have a sleep-related issue or wish to monitor the quality of your sleep, make sure that you look for an activity tracker with an effective sleep monitor. Most of the bands may have a sleep tracker, sadly; only a few of them help you monitor your sleep automatically and effectively.

GPS or no GPS?

If you are a runner or a cyclist, having an in-built GPS might come in handy for you to explore new tracks and monitor your path. However, most of the smart band watches out there may not have an in-built GPS and use your mobile as the GPS, so beware of that!

App Connectivity:

The app that will be used to manage and track your smart band can make a whole lot of difference. Some brands have really effective, user-friendly, and productive mobile connectivity apps, however; others may not even connect to your new smart band properly over Bluetooth. Therefore, make sure to buy a watch with a good mobile app.

Charging & Battery Backup:

Do you wish your watch to be charged directly from the wall socket or are you okay with laptop charging? Also, check out the effective usage hours that the shortlisted activity tracker offers before buying it!