Men's Jewellery: Buy Bracelet, Brooch, Pendant, Chains, Necklace & Earrings from Amazon, Flipkart & Myntra (1003 items)

Men’s Jewellery is often sidelined. Our online shopping portal offers fashion jewellery items for men in silver, gold, as well as diamond-like men’s bracelet, brooch, pendant, chains, necklace, and earrings that can create a lot of difference. You can even buy leather and beaded jewellery at sale-like prices in India along with an amazing collection of jewellery for Sherwani for men.

Our amazing collection of men’s jewellery for men’s sherwani as well as other men’s outfits will surely leave you amazed. All our designs have been shortlisted from top online shopping websites in India including Limeroad, Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart. Also, to ensure the best quality for men’s fashion jewellery, all our items are from trusted brands like Young & Forever, Handicraft Kottage, Punk, and Max.

Types of Men’s Jewellery


Men have been wearing rings since ancient times to signify their marital status, wealth, as well as social status. Apart from that, our website also featured rings in a different material that can be worn with specific dresses to enhance your look.


For a hippy look and a unique fashion statement, wearing a decent men’s earring could provide you with a perfect outlook, in formal as well as casual settings. Our website features studs, circular, rings, as well as clip-on for men.

Cuff Bracelets

A cuff is usually a wider or thicker bracelet that is worn on the wrist. There are silver as well as gold cuffs available for men in the market, however; the most preferred cuffs for men always remain the leather ones, with a cool and trendy outlook.


One of the most significantly used men’s jewellery item. It is a circular metal ring that works on your wrist. It may be worn for religious as well as fashion purposes in India. Our website also features an amazing collection of the same.


Men’s Chains are usually thicker and heavier than women’s chains. Silver and Gold chains are highly worn by Indian men to create a fashion statement. You may go in for a loose hanging chain with ethnic wear and an upper hanging chain for day-to-day wear.


Pendants may be attached with your chain or a plain metal bracelet for creating a more significant style statement for men. You can even opt for pendants with animal symbols, religious symbols, name initials, as well as professional symbols.

Pendant Necklace

Necklaces look best with shiny pendants for men, which can attract anyone’s attention quickly. A low-lying pendant necklace is a perfect piece of jewellery for sherwani and other ethnic wear, especially for weddings in India.

Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha beads are often connected with consciousness. Apart from spiritual reasons, the use of Rudraksha Mala is becoming more and more popular amongst fashion enthusiast for creating a hippy and cool style statement.


A necklace is one of the least used jewellery types for men. However, if you pick the right kind, it can create e great outlook for you. Some of the most commonly used necklace types are necklaces with dog tags, religious symbols, solid pendants, and cool looking chokers.


Brooches are often attached to clothes and are also used as a clothes fastener. Brooch is usually attached over blazers and shirts for a unique fashion statement. Brooch usually come in metals, attached with exotic stones or enamel.


A small decorative pin that is work on the lapel of an overcoat or jacket. Floral and metallic lapel pins with motifs are most popular amongst men and enhance the overall outlook of any outfit.

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are not much used these days due to advancement in technology. However, if you wish for an antique look, a gold pocket watch with a long chain can create a magical effect.


Vintage lockets are the best picks for men to create a cool and classic style symbol. Our shopping portal also showcases various amazing lockets.


Wedding bands are commonly used. However, fashion bands can also be used for imparting a particular statement or style symbol to the people around you.

Head Jewellery (Kalangi)

A Kalangi is a traditional Indian turban ornament that is usually worn by men at their weddings. These are perfectly suited for people who like ethnic wears.