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Buy wallets for men online in India at the cheapest price. Shop three-fold wallets, two-fold wallets, genuine leather wallets from top brands like Levis, Titan, Fastrack & Puma.

Pioneering the world of accessories, a men’s wallet is a big must to have. Be it managing your money, mini-docs, or taking care of your cards a wallet always does the job for you. Additionally, it emmarks the right level of class, so a wallet leads one of the primary accessories in the life of every individual.

Different Types of Wallet Designs for Men to Buy Online

  1. Bifold Wallet

Bifold wallets are timeless and are a must in every gentlemen's collection. As the name suggests, the wallet has two folds and is perfect for carrying cards, cash, and other important things. Get the classic black and brown bifold wallets from our site and choose from a variety of options.

  1. Trifold Wallet

Pick up a trifold wallet for your everyday needs as it has a lot of space for items that you need to carry on a daily basis. Check out slim as well as compact wallets that are convenient to use and keep with you. Explore a wide range of styles here and get the best products.

  1. Hipster Wallet

Hipster wallets are quite popular as they have a lot of compartments for your different items like cash, documents, cards, and photos. It fits perfectly in your pockets and lets you keep everything important in one place. Hipster leather wallets are a true masterpiece as they are bigger yet slim in shape.

  1. Chain Wallet

If you travel a lot especially by trains, buses, and other public transportation then you must opt for a chain wallet. Along with the versatility of a chain wallet, you also get security so you can move around freely without worrying about pickpockets. Get the ultimate cowboy and classy chain wallets for your daily use.

  1. Long Wallet

Shop for men’s wallet with change pocket, hidden zipper compartment, and also with an id window. From holding your passport, cards, documents, and cash, the long wallet is suitable for it all. Browse some elegant long wallets on our site and pick one that you like the most.

  1. Checkbook Wallet

You can now carry your checkbooks along with your cards so that everything is organized and in one place. Our exclusive collection of wallets will provide you with the best wallets for every purpose. Not only are they convenient to use, offer bigger space but are also super attractive in appearance.

  1. Credit Card Holder

Shop for leather, nylon, faux leather, and canvas credit cardholders with zipper inside and hidden zipper compartment. It is better when your cards are in a single place so you never forget them behind. From visiting, business to credit cards, carry it all in our stylish and premium products.

  1. Money Clip Wallet

Money clip wallets are conveniently designed as they are equipped with magnetic money clips. Shop for slim cases that are beautifully manufactured and are capable of holding several cards as well as cash. Find the best products here and choose from a great collection of money clip wallets.

  1. Key Wallet

Avoid the hassles of handling several keys at a time with our key wallets and make your life easier. Carry your keys in style and put them together in the wallet so you will never lose them again. Shop for slim designs and choose from a number of styles as well as materials.

  1. Travel Wallets

Travel in style by getting yourself a travel wallet from our wide range of collections that is specially curated for your vacation time. Keep your important documents, passport, cards and cash in your travel wallet to be organised. Get these amazing wallets which are very useful at the best rates.

  1. RFID Blocking Wallets

Secure your RFID cards, passports, and chips with these blocking wallets so your information is safe. These advanced wallets provide built-in RFID protection to prevent skimming. Buy these ultra-slim and elegant wallets that do their work well but also look great at the same time.

  1. Leather Wallets

When we speak of versatility and timelessness, leather wallets come into our minds. These wallets never go out of style and are a classic since the beginning of time. Every gentleman must possess a good solid leather wallet with a sleek design. Choose one from our impressive collection of products.

  1. Coin Purses and Pouches

Give your coins a home that usually lies around your home or is constantly falling from pockets and purses. With our coin purses, you will always have change when you need it the most. Opt for cool designs, convenient structures along with top-notch quality.

  1. Belt and Wallet Gift Set

Whether you want to gift something to a family member or your friends, a belt and wallet gift set is just perfect for men. No matter what the occasion is, this gift is a safe and stunning option. With our classy gift sets, you can explore a wide range of products and pick the best set for your loved ones.

How to choose the best wallet for men online?

Mark your style

Consider what style do you like the most. You can choose casual, classic, contemporary, minimalist, modern, retro or vintage, whichever goes with your aesthetic. Also, you will have a lot of options in the type of materials as well. Leather, faux leather, metal, fabric, canvas, nylon, rubber, straw, synthetic, and wool are some of the best types to consider.

Grab the space

Notice the amount of space you require to keep your stuff. See how many cards and other documents you need to carry on a daily basis and choose the size of the wallet accordingly. If you have more than 4-5 cards, look for wallets with several compartments. Clean out your existing wallet, throw away the unnecessary stuff, and then see how many items you actually have.

The size aesthetics

Men usually keep their wallets in the back or side pocket of their pants so ensure that it is comfortable while you are seated. Especially if you are looking for something formal, your wallet must fit your pants and not peep out as it is embarrassing and unsafe.

The coins section

The wallet should have a separate coin pocket so your coins are not falling. Alongside, the wallet you choose should have at least 4 different compartments to store your important things. Even after you keep your cards, cash, and other documents in the wallet, it should not look bulky.

Go with the flow

If you are a frequent traveler then trifold wallets are going to be perfect for you. For people who need a wallet for everyday use, bifold wallets are great as they are simple, classic yet stylish. Always choose functionality over appearance. However, we offer both of these factors into one product itself.

Peep into material

While buying a wallet, remember that less is more. Consider it as a long-term investment and then finalize the material and style. If you have cards with RFID technology then opt for RFID blocking wallets. Look for durable as well as sturdy products that can be used daily.