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Wearing a hat is an easy way to stand out in the crowd. If cinema is to be believed, all men wore hats in the 40s and the 50s. Wearing hats is no longer a social convention, but a way to look voguish. Also, many caps and hats come with functionality that makes them quite useful for going out in the rough weather or playing sports.

Hats are also a part of different ceremonial attires. For instance, students all over the world wear a mortarboard cap for their graduation ceremony. Few men may think that hats are there to cover their receding hairline. While some folks might do wear caps and hats for that purpose, that’s not all that they are meant for. Caps and hats add flair to a man’s look. They are stylish pieces that you can easily add to your attire and give it a different vibe. Some hats make you look like a hipster. Some give you an aristocratic look.  Some protect you from the sun. And some protect you from the cold.

And there is a wide variety of caps and hats that a man can choose from. The baseball cap is your typical cap, round-shaped with a still bill. Going out to play tennis or golf? Remember to take along your visor cap with you to prevent you from getting uncomfortable under the sun. Baseball caps and visors have become trendy and men like to wear them even when they aren’t playing sports, thanks to the present popularity of athleisure wear.

Do you hate getting tanned in the sun, but don’t want to slather thick sunscreen on your face? You can find sun caps for summers- they have a long and wide bill that shields your face from the scorching sun.  Apart from sun protection, there are caps to give you protection during the winters.

Are you heading outside on a snowy day? You could wear a simple knit cap that’s made of wool. Or get yourself a bobble cap that’s knitted to keep your head and ears toasty during the freezing weather. You may also wear a beanie, which is a knitted cap that tapers on one side. A trapper’s cap is also a stylish option for protecting your ears from cold.

Looking for a cap to make a style statement during early winters? You can choose a newsboy cap that has a low profile and short brim. The newsboy cap came into existence 400 years ago, but the style is still popular, with the likes of David Beckham sporting it. Another similar cap is a flat cap, which is made of a single panel of tweed, and slimmer than the newsboy. It is also an old-style that still enjoys popularity. The two styles are very easy to pair with any winter outfit.

Hats have greatly influenced popular culture. You see your favorite characters wearing them in the movies. Have you watched any Clint Eastwood cowboy flicks? Perhaps his cowboy attire would have caught your fantasy. If you love style and adventure you can don the high-crowned and wide-brimmed cowboy hat and look like a cowboy yourself! Try this idea for your next costume party.

Love Frank Sinatra’s iconic hat? It is a classic Fedora hat from Germany. This hat goes quite well with a formal suit. The porkpie cap also looks similar, but porkpies have a narrower brim that you can snap up or down. A bowler or a derby hat can be instantly recognized from its classic rounded crown and stiff brim. Wear it to add a hint of sophistication to your outfit. And if you want to try a cap without a brim, you can get a pillbox hat for yourself.

There is also the famous boater’s hat. The hat has a flat crown and a ribbon; it was originally worn during boating events but you can wear it on a casual evening out too.

Earlier, hats were associated with formal wear, but now there are plenty of styles that go well with casual wear. The bucket hat is a cool style to wear on casual occasions, perhaps when you hit the beach or go for a long drive!  Talking about hats for the beach, you can also think of getting a Panama hat before your next sea vacation. This trendy hat is woven from the straw of the toquilla palm plant and is suitable for casual wear in summers. The beret cap is a flat and round cap that has a military origin but evolved to become a fashionable cap for both men and women. Put it on if you want to perk up your casual outfit.

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