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The right socks complete your attire and make sure you stay comfortable. Buy all kinds of socks for men like loafer socks, ankle socks, no-show socks, boot socks, gym socks with grips, etc. Find socks of different designs, prices, summer socks, winters, etc. from brands like Jockey, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Van Heusen.

Very few men pay attention to socks, as that’s not what people are likely to notice. But that shouldn’t stop you from carefully selecting your socks. Apart from adding a finishing touch to your attire, socks provide comfort. They absorb that nasty feet sweat, prevent shoe chaffing, protect your feet during winter, and sometimes, make you look cool and hip.

One of the latest trending sock styles is no-show or loafer socks. No-show socks or loafer are a bit low than your ankle, so when you wear them with your shoes, it looks like you are not wearing socks at all. The ‘no show’ look is quite popular, especially with sneakers. 

Sports junkies are very particular about the socks they wear. As their legs are going to sweat a lot while playing, they prefer socks that are short but help them maintain a grip on their shoes. Low-cut socks cover your whole feet, rise above the heel collar of your shoes but end in the middle of your ankle bone. 

They are also called athletics socks or sports socks due to their suitability for the purpose. The ankle socks cover your feet and your ankles. They are also pretty comfortable to wear while playing sports. If you are someone who frequents yoga or pilates studios, you can also buy socks with grips so that you don’t slip on the smooth studio floor.

Calf socks rise to your calf, and they are usually made of wool or silk. You can also find calf socks in cotton and synthetic materials. Calf socks go well with formal wear, as they make sure that you don’t accidentally flash your hairy legs below your formal suit.

Do you have a love for quirky things? Why not extend it to your socks? You can find a range of funny socks to choose from and display your inner child. These socks have funny prints or captions written on them, and they come in a variety of lengths. If funny prints aren’t your thing, you can also shop for other printed socks. Printed socks have become quite popular and trendy, and they look great when worn casually.

Can you enjoy health benefits from wearing socks? There are socks, called diabetic socks, which are indeed designed to keep you in good health. They keep the feet dry, enhance blood circulation, and prevent foot injuries. They are good for diabetic patients who have reduced sensation in their feet, which puts them at a higher risk of injury.

Another pair of socks that are meant to keep your legs in good shape are compression socks. They put light pressure on your legs and ankles. This helps reducing pain and swelling and encourages blood flow from the legs to the heart. They are helpful for individuals who suffer from varicose veins and venous hypertension.

If you live or plan to visit a snowy place, perhaps you need to own a pair of boot socks. Boot socks are worn under winter boots, and they are made of knitted material that gives your legs extra warmth during the frosty season. And to battle the cold indoors, you can put on socks with soles. You don’t have to wear shoes or slippers with these socks while walking indoors.

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