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A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without ties. It is an accessory that incorporates elegance and sophistication in your look. Yes, buying a tie can a little daunting. But here at we have made every effort to bring you the best collection of ties. Ties come in different sizes, colors, and fabrics, and some men may get flustered while online (or offline!) shopping for ties. But with a little bit of knowledge, you can figure out which tie you should purchase.

A 7-fold tie consists of a single fabric piece that is folded 7 times and has no inlay sewn inside. It gives a thick and heavy look to the tie, and the knot will also be bigger.

There are many kinds of ties. Let’s talk about some tie terminologies to make things easy. A cravat is a fabric that you wear by making a knot. Cravat may refer to a bow-tie, ascot, or neckerchief. The cravat finds its origins in the neckwear worn by Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century.

There is the iconic bow tie that finds its origin in 17th century Croatia, and it still enjoys immense popularity. You have to wear it in a shoe-lace knot and make symmetrical loops on both sides. Men wear a bow tie to ‘black tie events, and indeed, it gives them a dapper look that befits important social gatherings. If you thinking tying the loops would be too much work, you can get a pre-tied or a clip-on bow tie instead.

Many men know how to make head turns by incorporating elements of formal clothing into casual wear. One such style is to wear a skinny tie; it gives men a very chic look. The earlier versions of the skinny tie used to be made of leather or knit wool. Now you can get skinny ties are now available in a wide range of materials, colors, and designs.

The skinniest tie that one can wear is the bolo tie. The bolo tie comes from the American South West, and it is made of a cord or leather string clasped together, and the two ends of the tie have metallic tips.

Men who don’t have much experience of wearing ties often worry about tying the knot of the tie. They often skip the idea of getting a tie because they think putting it on will be a cumbersome process. But tie knots aren’t that complicated, and you get the hang of them pretty soon.

For instance, you can always make the four-in-hand knot within a few minutes while getting ready for an office meeting or for attending a wedding. It would create a narrow tie knot that’s a bit asymmetrical. It looks good on wide neckties that are created from thick fabrics and complement dress shirts very well.

Cufflinks are another accessory that makes a man look dashing. There are many types of cufflinks that you can wear. Bullet back or toggle cufflinks are quite popular as they look graceful and they are easy to wear. Whaleback cufflinks are also pretty similar, but the rotating bar is shorter and rectangular. 

If you don’t want a cufflink with movable parts, you can opt for a fixed back cufflink. These cufflinks go through your cuff, without the need for any adjustments. And one side of the cufflink is always bigger than the other, giving them a distinguished look. The ball return cufflink is also worn the same way; the only difference is that the two ends have ball fixtures, one small ball at the back and a bigger one for the front.

A very unique style is the chain link cufflinks. It consists of a chain that goes through your cuff, with decorated metal pieces attached on both sides. Another distinct style is the locking dual-action cufflink. It is quite functional thanks to its foldable locking system with dual action. If you want a cufflink with a bit casual style, you can wear knot cufflinks which consist of two heads joined by a short silk cord.

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