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Types of Jeans Styles for Men to Buy Online in India

Ripped Jeans

Nowadays, the entire sphere of men’s fashion revolves around unique ripped jeans. The fascinating gaps and cuts make it the perfect pant for all the coolest occasions. You can pair dark blue ripped jeans with a white shirt for owning your look like never before.

Joggers Jeans

In the past few years, the concept of jogger jeans has emerged as one of the most popular pants options. The presence of elastic nearby ankle area serves you an immense scope of ease. A properly fitted t-shirt is the appropriate upper alternative to pair with your joggers' jeans.

Low waist Jeans

As the name signifies low waist jeans is the one which stays on the low end from the waist. Usually, such jeans come along with a kind of narrow bottom. LooksGud is allocating a huge variety of low waist jeans at almost wholesale rates.

Mid-rise Jeans

Mid-rise jeans are yet another phenomenal kind of men’s jeans. Equipped with a waistband between hips and navel, mid-rise jeans lead to an astounding fit. Obtain your outstanding look with our wide collection of mid-rise jeans adorned with several colors and designs.

High rise Jeans

Simply opposite to the low rise jeans, high rise jeans are also known as the high waisted jeans. It provides the enlarged portion around the waist area which covers your abdominal in a proper manner. However, you can wear a slightly loose shirt or t-shirt with high-rise jeans for ending up your hit styling.

Low rise Jeans

Low rise jeans are a bit similar to the low waist jeans but the only difference is that it does not necessarily involve the broad bottoms. In case you are browsing for low-rise jeans for men then you can give a pause to your search exclusively at LooksGud.

Regular Jeans

Regular jeans hold a separate wearer base. Loaded with all stunning uses, regular jeans act as the savior outfit for regular use. Do you know that Lee is the first brand that came forward with the notion of regular jeans? Shop your forever type of Lee’s regular jeans from our platform from now on.

Loose fit Jeans

Loose-fit jeans take into consideration the full-proof comfort of the wearer. Not just that but you can also consider for ruff and tuff use. Make sure that you partner up such jeans with a properly fitted upper. So, buy online men’s loose-fit jeans at highly pocket-friendly rates from LooksGud today.

Slim-fit Jeans

Slim-fit jeans are also known as the skin-fit ones. The reason behind the slim fit name is that it presents you with the tightly fitted cut. If you are a permanent lover of slim-fit jeans for men then wear it with a loose t-shirt in order of ruling the edge of good looks. 

Tapered fit Jeans

The taper word in the taper fit jeans stands for the inverted. Do not get confused as these pants give an inverted look to your leg and go-ahead for the narrow bottom. Tapered fit jeans will suit you greatly with stripped uppers. So, buy solid jeans for winning the prolific attention of the crowd.

Narrow fit Jeans

Have you seen men's jeans with an extremely narrow bottom part? Yes, such jeans are narrow-fit jeans since they deliver the narrow bottom look. Usually, loose shirts, pullovers, and tees pair up accurately with narrow-fit jeans for men.

Relaxed fit Jeans

Designed for dropping in the most relaxing fitting, relaxed fit jeans always do the job for you. Besides that, be it a handout or date you can confidently pick relaxed fit jeans for your class apart look. Load your cart with the best men’s relaxed fit jeans now on only at LooksGud.

Straight fit Jeans

Straight-fit jeans follow one line fitting for the wearer. Such jeans track on the uniform fitting from waist to bottom. If you don't wish to get experimental about your jeans then straight-fit jeans are only for you. Pair it up with solid sneakers in the row of accomplishing the simple yet decent look.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are the very first pattern which popped up as the men’s fashion blockbuster. This pattern flows with a broad bottom pattern and covers seems like a broad boot, thus it got the name- bootcut. But, as the fashion repeats itself now, bootcut is back in trend so order your ravishing bottom choice of men’s bootcut jeans at LooksGud.

Cropped jeans

Cropped word indicates an outfit which offers you less length. Simultaneously, cropped jeans go above your ankle length. These jeans are of the most preferred choice for all males and if you are one among such majority then move ahead for the online shopping of men’s cropped jeans from our online store.

How to buy men’s jeans online?

Buying men's jeans online is not as tough as you think. All you need to have is the righteous guidance and you can buy astonishing bottoms for yourself. Allow us to share a few tips for assisting you in making the dreamy selection of your jeans-

Brand is the king

Well, it's high time when we should agree that the fitting of the jeans depends profoundly on the brand. Therefore, always look back for established brands like- Wrangler, Kelvin Clein or Levis.

Understanding your type

Once you figure out your preferred brand like- Flying Machine or Diesel focusing on your type of jeans matters most. We have already enlisted all the possible types of men’s jeans so pick yours and proceed to a sensible purchase.

Colours are crucial

Up next, peep into the room of color choices for dark shades opt to blue or black on the other hand for light tones you can select white or light blue shade. The sides of colour choice is completely up to you.