Buy Fabrics for Shirts, Suits, Kurta Pant Sets from Raymond, Myntra & Amazon Online in India (476 items)

Looking for unstitched shirt fabric, unstitched suits, and kurta sets fabric? Get high-quality fabrics from the best brands like Raymond, Rayon, and many more. Explore our vast collection and buy great pairs of pants, trousers, kurta, and unstitched suits.
BUHA BROTHERS Cotton Polyester Blend Striped Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹374 ₹999 63% OFF Flipkart
BuhaTrade Cotton Polyester Blend Printed Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹375 ₹999 62% OFF Flipkart
Arvind Men's Cotton Stretchable Unstitched Corduroy Trouser Fabric (White, 1.30 Meter, Free Size)
₹826 ₹1399 41% OFF Amazon
Maharaja Men's Poly Cotton Unstitched 2.5 m Plain Shirt Fabric (Free Size) -Set of 5
₹799 ₹2000 60% OFF Amazon
bollydolldesigner Rayon Printed Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹405 ₹899 55% OFF Flipkart
GOPGAN TRENDZ Cotton Polyester Blend Printed Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹389 ₹999 61% OFF Flipkart
Arya Export Khadi Cotton Linen Unstitched Width 42''/3 m Cut, Fabric for Shirt and Kurta and Others Decoration (White, Free Size)
₹399 ₹699 43% OFF Amazon
HARRICA Man Casual Unstitched Shirt Fabric White
₹399 ₹1499 73% OFF Amazon
Pure Linen Shirting Fabric
₹1343 ₹1919 30% OFF Amazon
MAKHANCHOR Men's Cotton Shirt Fabric (Multicolour, Free Size)
₹499 ₹999 50% OFF Amazon
Men in Black Blended Unstitched Shirt and Pant Fabric (Red)
₹850 ₹1350 37% OFF Amazon
Men in Black Men's Cotton Polyester Blend Shirt Fabric (Blue, Free Size)
₹399 ₹1150 65% OFF Amazon
Siyaram's Men's Polyester Shirt and Pant Unstitched Fabric Combo Pack (Multicolour, Free Size)
₹750 ₹1049 29% OFF Amazon
Siyaram's Men's Poly Viscose Unstitched 1.3 m Trousers Fabric (Cross Blue, Free Size)
₹449 ₹1999 78% OFF Amazon
Raymond Men's Unstitched 1.2 m Trouser Fabric (Multicolour, Free Size) - Pack of 4
₹2659 ₹2849 Amazon
Kundan Sulz Gwalior Men's Executive Shirts and Fancy Trouser Fabric Combo Set - ( Set of 6 Pant and Shirt Piece )
₹1257 ₹3499 64% OFF Amazon
Raymond Men's Poly Cotton Trouser Fabric(ray_qu_gr_1.25_light_Grey_1.25 meters)
₹664 ₹890 25% OFF Amazon
harrica Rayon Printed Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹380 ₹1250 70% OFF Flipkart
Raymond Quest Design Trouser Fabric 1Pc 1.3Meter Trouser Length for Men's Solid Grey
₹639 ₹949 33% OFF Amazon
Raymond Men's Cotton Unstitched Shirt 1.6 m Fabric (Light Blue, Free Size)
₹501 ₹1199 58% OFF Amazon
Raymond Men's Blended Unstitched Pre-Matched Maker Shirt and Trouser Fabric (Multicolour, Free Size) - Pack of 10
₹5415 ₹6490 17% OFF Amazon
Vimal Men's Unstiched Pant Shirt Combo Pack (1.2m /2.25m )
₹429 ₹599 28% OFF Amazon
PUSHYA Rayon Printed Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹439 ₹1599 73% OFF Flipkart
Enjoy fashion Cotton Polyester Blend Printed Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹377 ₹999 62% OFF Flipkart
Jolly Creation Cotton Silk Blend Floral Print Shirt Fabric(Unstitched)
₹374 ₹999 63% OFF Flipkart
Raymond Cotton Viscose Blend Solid Suit Fabric(Unstitched)
₹1599 ₹2199 27% OFF Flipkart
Raymond Cotton Viscose Blend Printed Shirt & Trouser Fabric(Unstitched)
₹1139 ₹1499 24% OFF Flipkart
Fancyadda Men's Khadi Cotton Handkerchiefs (Pack of 10, Multi-Colored)
₹399 ₹449 11% OFF Amazon
Raymond Fabrics Makers Men's Combo of Unstitched Poly Cotton Shirt and Trouser Fabric Set (Multicolour_Free Size)
₹882 ₹1599 45% OFF Amazon
Raymond Fabrics Men's Combo of Unstitched Cotton Shirt and Trouser Fabric Set (Multicolour, Free Size)
₹789 ₹1599 51% OFF Amazon
Raymond Mens Combo Set Unstitched Shirt 2.25 Meters and Trouser Fabric 1.2 Meters - Gift Box Packing - F13
₹1099 ₹1499 27% OFF Amazon
Kundan Sulz Gwalior Men's Poly Cotton Shirt and Trouser Fabric (Multicolour_1.20 and 2.25 Meters) - Pack of 4
₹1109 ₹3499 68% OFF Amazon
VIMAL Men's Polyester Unstitched 1.3 m Trouser Fabric (Blue, Grey and Silver, Free Size) - Pack of 3
₹1350 ₹3297 59% OFF Amazon
Vimal Men Poly-Viscose Unstitched Suit Length Fabric(,3 Meters)
₹999 ₹1999 50% OFF Amazon
KUNDAN SULZ GWALIOR Men's Poly-Cotton Unstitched Shirt & Trouser Fabric Combo Set (Dark Brown/Navy Blue; Free Size)
₹562 ₹1699 67% OFF Amazon
Raymond Men's Polyester and Viscose 1.30 m Unstitched Trouser Fabric (Dark Grey Blue, Free Size)
₹957 ₹1599 40% OFF Amazon
KUNDAN SULZ GWALIOR Men's Cotton Print Unstitched 1.20 and 1.60 m Shirt and Formal Trouser Fabric (Maroon, Free Size)
₹562 ₹1299 57% OFF Amazon
KUNDAN SULZ GWALIOR Men's Poly-Viscose Unstitched Trouser Fabric (Beige; Free Size)
₹262 ₹599 56% OFF Amazon
HARRICA Man Casual Unstitched Shirt Fabric
₹399 ₹1499 73% OFF Amazon
VIMAL Men's Poly-Viscose Unstitched 1.3 m Trouser Fabric Combo (Black, Deep Grey, Free Size)
₹998 ₹2198 55% OFF Amazon

There is nothing like a crisp, neat, and well-fitted shirt that gives the boss vibes. Apart from the design of any shirt, the fabric which it is made up of matters a lot too. A good quality fabric is surely a long-term investment as the shirt will last you for years to come. If you are looking for an unstitched shirt fabric, unstitched suits, pant fabric, or trouser fabric then you are at the right place.

Ever wondered why some people look just amazing even in the simplest of shirts? It is because of the high-quality fabric that elevates your overall appearance. You surely do not want to go to the office, party, or a date wearing a cheap quality shirt. Here, you can buy the best fabric for shirts in India. We have made online shopping very easy for you as we offer products from top stores like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart. From pants, kurtas, trousers to fabric sets, we have a wide range of collections for you.

Types of Fabrics for Online Shopping in India for Men and Women


Cotton is the best t-shirt fabric as you can wear it all year no long no matter how the weather is outside. Get an exclusive range of cotton fabrics and upgrade your wardrobe with shirts that are true classics.


Linen is of the best fabrics for shirts as it is extremely comfortable, breathable as well as absorbable. Apart from its durability and attractive appearance, people opt for linen fabric for formal wear purposes.


If you want to adopt top clothing then corduroy is a great fabric as it is textured, highly durable, and arrives in several designs. Corduroy never goes out of style and is a safe option to wear to parties and other important events.


Denim is unarguably everyone’s favourite because of their stunning appearance and reliable nature. Explore our collection and shop for brands like Raymond shirts, Raymond unstitched fabric, Raymond suits fabric, and Vimal.


Whether you are going to a party, wearing smart casual clothes, going on a date, or chilling with your friends, Satin is the fabric of style and elegance. Buy Raymond fabric for a blazer to look your absolute best.


Shop for the purest silk shirt fabrics and vest fabric from the best stores like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart. From Raymond, Siyaram to Vimal, we provide you only with generous fabrics at the most reasonable prices.


Rayon is one of the softest fabrics available and is perfect for daily use. Make your online shopping worth it by opting for our fabrics and create crisp, fell fitted shirts for every occasion.

Tips on how to buy and choose the right fabric for men online

If you are into online shopping and browsing the web for different stores then it must be very confusing to select the right fabric. We have come to your rescue to eliminate all the confusion. Here are some tips on how to buy the right fabric for men online:

Move with brands

First of all, do not even look at brands that you have not heard of or sound questionable to you. Always opt for branded fabrics to get optimum quality material. Discard the cheap brands and look at decent ones that are reliable and trustworthy.

Focus on details

Read the description of every product carefully to understand more about the fabric. See to it that there are plenty of pictures available in all angles for you to make a decision. Zoom in and out to see the details of every fabric so you know how it is going to be turned out.

Read reviews

While shopping online, keep in mind that you read the reviews of the product that you are ordering. It will give you an idea of how satisfied the customers are and how true to the description the fabric is.


What is the best fabric for Men’s Kurta?

Cotton is undoubtedly the best fabric for men’s kurta as it is breathable, suitable for every weather, occasion and looks just as good.

Where can I buy fabric clothes online?

You can shop in stores like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon for fabric clothes. Also, you can look at our collection to buy the best fabrics.

What material is the best for men’s suits?

Wool is the best fabric for men’s suits and is a very popular as well as a versatile choice for almost everyone. Opt for Raymond and Siyaram’s materials to create an excellent suit.

What is the most expensive suit fabric?

Wool is the most expensive fabric for suits as it is not very easy to obtain this fabric. However, this is a top choice for every gentleman.

Does Amazon sell fabric?

Yes, Amazon does sell fabric and has a wide variety for you to choose from.