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The ultimate comfort is described by the type of underwear design that men wear. Our website features almost all kinds of gents’ underwear, ranging from briefs, trunks with a pouch, and boxers in varied types of design and styles, including printed cotton and spandex combo sets by brands like Van Heusen, Rupa, Jockey, and Calvin Client at best price in India.
Jockey Multicolour Cotton Solid Brief (Pack of 2)
₹179 ₹609 71% OFF Amazon
United Colors of Benetton Men's Cotton Trunk
₹329 ₹359 Amazon
 Jockey Men's Cotton Brief Multicolor (Colors and Prints may vary)
₹209 ₹1245 83% OFF Amazon
 Jack & Jones Men's Trunks
₹190 ₹329 42% OFF Amazon
Chromozome Men's Solid Trunks
₹279 ₹289 Amazon
Graviti Pack of 2 Contour Cotton Briefs
₹122 ₹249 51% OFF Ajio
 Jack & Jones Men's Trunks
₹240 ₹399 40% OFF Amazon
Levi's Men's Cotton Briefs
₹255 ₹269 Amazon
Jockey Men's Cotton Brief (8037-0110- Mid Blue_Medium)(Color May Vary)
₹150 ₹520 71% OFF Amazon
Playboy Men's Cotton Brief
₹239 ₹259 Amazon
United Colors of Benetton Black Solid Men's Cotton Trunk
₹410 ₹459 11% OFF Amazon
Jockey USA Originals US52 Briefs - Pack of 4
₹928 ₹1249 26% OFF Amazon
DAMENSCH Black Cotton Solid Mid Rise Trunks
₹490 ₹1250 61% OFF Amazon
United Colors of Benetton Men's Cotton Trunk
₹309 ₹329 Amazon
Rupa Macroman Men's Printed Trunks (Pack of 2)
₹248 ₹477 48% OFF Amazon
Jockey Men's Tactal Brief
₹398 ₹599 34% OFF Amazon
CHROMOZOME Pack of 3 Denim Edition Briefs
₹526 ₹675 22% OFF Ajio
VIP Frenchie Plus Cotton Briefs - Assorted Pack of 4
₹270 ₹528 49% OFF Amazon
Jockey Men's Cotton Brief (8037-0110-ASSTD Red Wine L)(Color May Vary)
₹150 ₹520 71% OFF Amazon
Rupa Macroman Men's Solid Trunks (Pack of 2)
₹239 ₹368 35% OFF Amazon
Jockey Men's Tactal Trunks
₹549 ₹699 21% OFF Amazon
Chromozome Mens Cotton Trunks
₹180 ₹399 55% OFF Amazon
Jockey Men's Cotton Brief (8037-0110- Red Wine M)(Color May Vary)
₹150 ₹520 71% OFF Amazon
United Colors of Benetton Men's Striped Brief
₹305 ₹308 Amazon
Jockey Sports Briefs with Elasticated Waistband
₹449 ₹455 Ajio
 Jack & Jones Men's Printed Brief
₹241 ₹399 40% OFF Amazon
IC4 Men Tanga Brief Combo Pack of 2
₹558 Myntra
Van Heusen Pack of 2 Trunks
₹538 ₹558 Ajio
Van Heusen Textured Briefs with Contrast Elasticated Waistband
₹249 ₹259 Ajio
Pack of 5 Printed Boxers
₹873 ₹2495 65% OFF Ajio
Jockey Black Cotton Printed Elastane Trunks
₹419 ₹429 Limeroad
Pepe Jeans Men's Printed Trunks
₹226 ₹389 42% OFF Amazon
MacroMan Rupa Men's Cotton Brief - Pack of 5
₹499 ₹922 46% OFF Amazon
United Colors of Benetton Men's Cotton Boxers
₹309 ₹399 23% OFF Amazon
VIP Signor Men's Brief - Pack of 5 (White Colors)
₹580 ₹820 29% OFF Amazon
Playboy Men's Solid Brief
₹279 ₹299 Amazon
 Calvin Klein Men's Brief
₹1199 ₹1299 Amazon
XYXX Men IntelliSoft Antimicrobial Micro Modal Dualist Brief(Pack of 5)
₹1286 ₹1575 18% OFF Flipkart
DAMENSCH Mens AER-Soft Anti-Bacterial Modal Briefs - Melange Collection (100% Guarantee if NOT satisfied)-Made in India
₹383 ₹1050 64% OFF Amazon
Kalenji Black Polyester Running Tights Capri
₹699 ₹799 13% OFF Decathlon

Buy men’s underwear online in India at the best price. Shop boxers, briefs, thongs in any designs from top brands like Jockey, Levis, Calvin Klein, Fcuk, Lux Cozi, Van Heusen, rupa, etc. from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more online shopping sites with price comparison.

Men’s sensitive parts surely need to be protected by the best quality fabric and comfort-fitted innerwear in order to boost their confidence. We feature all types of underwear, including briefs, trunks, as well as printed boxers, that you can pick from, based on your choice and comfort level from top shopping portals in India like Myntra, Ajio, and Flipkart.

Different Types of Men’s Underwear For Online Shopping In India


Briefs are one of the most commonly used gents’ underwear. They usually short-length and have an elastic band running around the bottom part, along your crotch area. You can even buy brief combo sets at the best price from the best brands on our website.


A type of underwear, mostly in cotton with an elastic waistband and loose and longer thighs, allowing people with free thigh movement. You can shop for Calvin Klein, Jockey, and other branded boxers curated from websites like Myntra and Ajio.

Boxer Brief

Also known as tight boxers, this style of underwear for men has longer thighs like boxers but is close-fitted like briefs. They prevent friction between the thighs and are perfect for use by physically active people.


Trunks could be loosely fitted as well as tight fitted. They are usually cover the complete trunk area of men’s bodies and provide them with comfort while swimming. Trunks are highly used and you can buy the same by brands like Jockey, Decathlon, Calvin Klein, as well as Van Heusen from our website.


If you need more breathing space around your genital area, thong would be the best pick. They allow you to completely contain your genitals with minimal use of fabric and expose most parts of your body.


Jockstraps have been specially designed to contain the genitals of men during athletic activities. These types of underwear protect your genitals from any kind of contact during rigorous activities.


This delicate style of underwear for men just covers their genitals with a thin string passing through between your buttocks. They are usually worn with tight-fitting garments so that your innerwear does not show off.


This style of men’s underwear has only a small piece in the front and back area, with thin straps of fabric, to be wrapped around your waist. You can buy them at low prices from our website, shortlisted from clothing websites like Amazon as well as Limeroad.


They look similar to men’s brief, however, have been designed especially for swimming and fabricated with quick-drying, and lightweight material like nylon, spandex, or polyester. We feature this style of men’s underwear from Decathlon, Jocky, and other prominent brands.


Tights traditionally run down all the way from men’s wait till the feet and are extensively used for athletic purposes, made with spandex-like material. They even come in half-length by various websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ajio.

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