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There was a time when men wore shorts strictly for sports and exercise. Those days are long gone; now shorts and capris have become a fashion staple that you can wear for a variety of occasions.  When it comes to shorts for men, you would be spoilt for choice as there are many brands offering shorts in a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs.

There are different types of shorts to suit a variety of purposes. And men are no longer afraid to experiment. These days, sports shorts themselves have many variants. You can look for gym shorts if you are a gym junkie, or cycling shorts if you love to pedal long distances. You can buy running shorts, walking shorts, or tennis shorts, each style has features added for your comfort while doing that specific activity.

To give you extra comfort, many brands have also come up with high-waisted shorts and drawstring shorts, so you don’t have to worry about your shorts revealing too much when you move around or bend down. Do you feel conscious about your hairy legs while wearing shorts? While it’s completely fine to wear them, men who don’t like shorts that are too short can opt for knee-length shorts.

Denim is a trendy fabric that you can easily pair with other garments. You can put on a pair of denim shorts to enjoy a day out with your friends while looking chic and feeling comfortable.

Apart from denim, you can also find trendy chino shorts and make them a part of your casual attire. Chino is a light, breathable fabric that adds a sophisticated spin to shorts pants.

Are you looking for shorts for your next holiday?  If you plan to soak the sun by the beach and take an occasional dip in the sea, you can buy beach shorts for yourself. These shorts would serve you well later if you enjoy swimming in the pool. If you plan to head to the mountains and hike the challenging terrain, you can get yourself a comfortable pair of hiking shorts.

3/4th capris are another great pick for vacation wear- pair them with a pair of Polo T-shirts and exude cool vibes. Khaki shorts are great for making a style statement without sacrificing comfort. Pair it with a light-colored Polo-T shirt and you are good to go.

For those who love timeless trends, they can always wear cargo shorts. Cargo shorts are almost as old as shorts themselves, but the style has evolved over the decades.

Many companies have also introduced zip pockets in shorts, so your keys or wallet won’t fall off your pocket if you are walking fast or running.

Do you need a pair of shorts in which you can lounge around in your home? Then you can lay your hands on cotton shorts that are breathable and look good. There are night shorts available for men who like to dress comfortably for their sleep time. These are made of stretchable lightweight fabric and have a loose fit, so you can toss and turn in your bed without feeling any discomfort.

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