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Men's Casual Trousers (3651 items)

Buy online best casual trousers in India at wholesale rates curated from Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. Get your one-go online shopping store for all types of casual pants like cargos, chinos, joggers, track pants in fitting styles like slim fit, tapered, skinny, tailored, and fabrics like cotton, linen, and more.
Mast & Harbour Men Blue Regular Fit Solid Chinos
₹1099 Myntra
BOSSINI Olive Solid Slim Tapered Casual Trousers
₹1899 Lifestylestores
Urban Legends Men's 6 Pocket Relaxed and Regular Fit Cotton Cargo Jogger Pants with Elasticated Stretchable Zipper Bottom, Design for Casual and Sporty Looks.(Black)
₹689 ₹2999 77% OFF Amazon
G STAR RAW Rovic Zip 3D Straight Tapered Mid-Rise Cargo Pants
₹4000 ₹8999 56% OFF Ajio
Mast & Harbour Men Navy Blue Slim Fit Solid Chinos
₹799 Myntra
DNMX Camouflage Print Slim Fit Detachable Cargo Pants
₹731 ₹1699 57% OFF Ajio
Mast & Harbour Men White & Grey Slim Fit Striped Chinos
₹879 Myntra
Flat-Front Trousers with Slant Pockets
₹1299 Ajio
Mid-Rise Cropped Slim Fit Flat-Front Trousers
₹1104 ₹1299 15% OFF Ajio
CODE Virobar Brown Solid Slim Straight Casual Trousers
₹2099 Lifestylestores
HIGHLANDER Men Brown Tapered Fit Solid Chinos
₹697 ₹1549 55% OFF Flipkart + 1 Stores
Mast & Harbour Men Mauve Slim Fit Self Design Chinos
₹689 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Navy Blue Regular Fit Solid Regular Trousers
₹599 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Grey Regular Fit Solid Regular Trousers
₹1499 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Peach-Coloured Regular Fit Solid Chinos
₹899 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Charcoal Grey Regular Fit Solid Regular Trousers
₹799 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Black Side Striped Regular Fit Solid Trousers
₹689 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Navy Blue Regular Fit Solid Chinos
₹999 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Cream-Coloured Regular Fit Solid Chinos
₹599 Myntra
Slim Fit Cuffed Cargo Pants
₹1609 ₹2299 30% OFF Ajio
Mast & Harbour Men Navy Blue Regular Fit Solid Chinos
₹1319 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Grey Regular Fit Solid Trousers
₹1499 Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Blue Regular Fit Solid Regular Trousers
₹1249 Myntra
HERE&NOW Men Grey Slim Fit Solid Regular Trousers
₹1199 ₹1999 40% OFF Myntra
HERE&NOW Men Maroon Regular Fit Solid Chinos
₹989 ₹2199 55% OFF Myntra
NETPLAY Flat-Front Mid-Rise Trousers
₹490 ₹999 51% OFF Ajio
NETWORK Grey Polyester Solid Slim Fit Trousers
₹441 ₹899 51% OFF Ajio
HERE&NOW Men Olive Green Slim Fit Solid Chinos
₹769 ₹2199 65% OFF Myntra
Mast & Harbour Men Blue Regular Fit Knitted Regular Trousers
₹1139 ₹1899 40% OFF Myntra
HIGHLANDER Men Beige Slim Fit Solid Cargos
₹684 ₹1849 63% OFF Myntra
Moda Rapido Men Navy Blue Regular Fit Solid Cargos
₹1689 ₹2599 35% OFF Myntra
ALLEN SOLLY Olive Cotton Solid Slim Straight Chinos
₹1379 ₹2299 40% OFF Lifestylestores
SPYKAR Low-Rise Slim Fit Flat-Front Trousers
₹1170 ₹2599 55% OFF Ajio
LP Louis Philippe Men's Slim Fit Casual Trousers
₹1121 ₹1899 41% OFF Amazon
Peter England Men's Casual Trousers
₹879 ₹1699 48% OFF Amazon
Flat-Front Cotton Pants
₹1689 ₹2599 35% OFF Ajio
512 White Tab Slim Tapered Flat-Front Trousers
₹1240 ₹3099 60% OFF Ajio
Super Slim Fit Flat-Front Trousers
₹1759 ₹2199 20% OFF Ajio
Textured Flat-Front Trousers
₹1159 ₹1999 42% OFF Ajio
Mid-Rise Flat-Front Trousers
₹1799 ₹2999 40% OFF Ajio

Whenever it comes to shop a men’s trousers online, the matter of quality arises as to the biggest of all concerns. But, do you know that all our products are specially curated from popular online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, and Myntra. As a result, you will not face issues regarding the quality of products. More than that, we are dropping in branded men’s trouser options in order to win your fullest satisfaction. So, here you can shop cargos, chinos, or joggers from renowned brands namely- Blackberrys, John Players, Parx, and so on.

Every buyer wishes to proceed with online shopping at the best rates. Here you can check back exciting discounts and offers on your all orders. Additionally, the pattern of our cropped trousers will set your outstanding look. All and all, you will find every purchase worth your money. So, without any further doubt in your mind, check our stock of men’s trousers now.

Different Types of Casual Trousers Patterns to Buy Online in India for Men

Cargo pants

The multi-pockets pants came in fashion in the mid-'90s. But, even in the present time cargo pants carry a separate fan base for massive styling and comfort. Buy your favorite cargo pants in India for men right here,


These narrow-shaped perfect pants for men always make their mark for fabulous fashion. You can wear chinos with shirts or half-sleeve shirts. 


Joggers follow the pattern of being slim fit around legs and providing the grip of elastic at the bottom edge. These pants are the topmost kind of casuals that are a must to have for every man. For grooming yourself up, try buying olive green chinos with a light shade tee and you will shine out supremely.

Pleated pant

Pleated pant compiles of a tailored front pleat. In other words, we can say that in the front center of the pleated pant there stays a pop-up pleat which follows the attachment with the waistband. Undoubtedly, pleated pants will reform your formal looks unexpectedly, so buy men’s pleated pants now for fixing your formal dressing rituals. 

Regular pant

A regular plant is just opposite to a pleated plant because it follows a regular fit. Still because of the captivating comfort, such pants are dominating the fashion trends for boys for a long while. Buy the combo of regular pants for adding more formal options to your wardrobe today.

Slim-fit pant

The name of slim-fit pants gives you the right hint about the pattern itself. However, a pair of loafers or sneakers suit heroically with such pants  Yes, in case you are a lover of slim-fit bottoms then spot your order at the moment.

Skinny pant

Skinny pants are somewhat the same as slim-fit pants but these pants seem more tightened in comparison to slim-fit pants. Buy voguish skinny pants at the cheapest rates right here and reconcile your dressing confidence for every occasion.

Camouflage pant

Camouflage pants usually arrive with military prints. Such pants are raising the expectations of comfortable pants in the men’s styling world. Additionally, camouflages are the most suitable during trips or hiking, Buy your camouflage pants here at great discounts.

Tapered pant

Tapered pants got their name from the word taper which means to assign an inverted look around your leg. These pants include a narrow bottom finish. Buy Parx or Blackberrys tapered pant tailored with dreamy fit even at a tight budget.

Cotton pant

Dear men, are you done with your wardrobe preparation for the summers? If not then you have to cross-check our premium array of cotton pants loaded with vibrant colours like- blue, khaki, brown, olive and more.

Checked pant

Going for a date or an in-house event, a checked pant will collect all the attention for you. But, whenever you wear checked pants, always pair them up with a solid t-shirt or shirt. Put your eyes on our impressive checked pants options curated from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more.

Solid pant

Solid pants are just another fancy name for plain pants. But, no matter in which era of fashion you are likely to enter, a solid pant for men will always pioneer the edge of stylish. Hence, shop for colourful solid track pants designed with soft fabric only for you.

Tailored pant

The tailored pant or the tailored fit pant rests somewhere in between the slim fit and the traditional fit. In other words, we can say that it's a mix of traditional fit and slim fit pants. For buying the best combo of tailored pants outfit go for grey pants and a black solid shirt without any worries.

Cropped trousers

Cropped pants share the length a bit above your ankle. Such pants are considered to be the perfect buttons for college boys. Plus, the shoes with broad fronts formulates the funky look that you crave for. Buy the finest quality cropped trousers for men at wholesale costs.

Linen pants

Linen fabric is a stiff fabric made up of spun fibres of flax. You might have seen clothes that don't require continuous ironing. Such fabric is mostly linen pants. In the formal dressing industry linen pants are the most preferable. You can buy your stock of linen pants at low prices.