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Men's Casual Shoes (8337 items)

With time changing drastically, nothing can replace the charm of casual shoes. The power and comfort they hold are impeccable. Explore a high-grade collection of casual shoes, starting from lace-ups to loafers, Adidas to Reebok, lace-up to slip-on, at cheapest prices curated from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Compare the price before buying any branded casual shoes for men in India.
SHOEFLY Black Canvas Lace Up High Ankle Casual Shoes
₹298 ₹499 40% OFF Amazon + 2 Stores
K' Footlance Loafers For Men(Tan)
₹379 ₹999 62% OFF Flipkart
Knoos Black Synthetic Slip On Low Ankle Loafer
₹499 Amazon + 1 Stores
ONNEXO Loafers For Men(Blue)
₹475 ₹999 52% OFF Flipkart
K' Footlance Loafers For Men(Tan)
₹336 ₹999 66% OFF Flipkart
Oricum Brown & Blue Canvas Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹310 ₹348 11% OFF Amazon + 3 Stores
Clymb NavyBlue Canvas Slip-on Loafers Shoes
₹298 ₹499 40% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
KNOOS Tan Synthetic Slip On Loafer
₹499 ₹999 50% OFF Amazon + 2 Stores
ASIAN Skypy-31 Grey Mesh Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹549 Amazon + 2 Stores
Zordic Shoes Loafers For Men(Red, Navy)
₹399 ₹899 56% OFF Flipkart
Shoes Bank Black Synthetic Leather Slip On Casual Shoes
₹489 ₹599 18% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
K' Footlance Loafers For Men(Grey)
₹449 ₹999 55% OFF Flipkart
Andrew Scott Tan Synthetic Leather Classic Comfort Loafers
₹249 ₹899 72% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Zorth New Fashion Outdoor Trendy Lightweight Casual,Canvas Stylish Partywear Sneakers Shoes Boys Sneakers For Men(Black)
₹426 ₹999 57% OFF Flipkart
bluemaker casual for men (blue 06) Sneakers For Men(Blue)
₹411 ₹999 59% OFF Flipkart
Earton Black-690 Denim Printed Casual Shoes For Men
₹283 ₹499 43% OFF Flipkart + 1 Stores
Red Rose Blue Denim Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹399 ₹499 20% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
K' Footlance Men's Loafers
₹399 ₹444 Amazon
Ethics Black Canvas Solid Low Ankle Loafers
₹196 ₹295 34% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
World Wear Footwear Multicolour Canvas Combo Casual Shoes
₹474 ₹1996 76% OFF Flipkart
Restinfoot Casual shoes,Sneakers for men's,shoes for men's Sneakers For Men(Grey)
₹399 ₹999 60% OFF Flipkart
BRUTON Navy Blue Mesh Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹312 ₹1299 76% OFF Flipkart
ZebX Black Synthetic Leather Slip On Loafers
₹399 ₹499 20% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Centrino Men's 5591 Boat Shoes
₹452 ₹775 42% OFF Amazon
WOODBAY Brown Synthetic Leather Slip On Casual Shoes
₹399 ₹499 20% OFF Amazon
PROLIFIC Textured Loafers with Stitches Detail
₹720 ₹2999 76% OFF Ajio
GO21 Textured Lace-Up Casual Shoes
₹475 ₹2499 81% OFF Ajio
otoos Sneakers For Men(White, Black)
₹420 ₹999 58% OFF Flipkart
Centrino 4457 Casual-Men's Shoes
₹543 ₹725 25% OFF Amazon
Chevit 171 Smart Blue Canvas Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹224 ₹499 55% OFF Flipkart
Centrino Blue Synthetic Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹699 ₹2151 68% OFF Amazon
Clymb LV Tan Loafers Shoes For Men's In Various Sizes
₹449 ₹499 Paytmmall + 1 Stores
Clymb Red & Blue Canvas Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹339 ₹499 32% OFF Flipkart
Big Fox Casual Kiltie Tassled Mocassin For Men(Black)
₹566 ₹999 43% OFF ShopClues + 1 Stores
WELDONE Navy Blue Canvas Slip On Loafers
₹299 ₹499 40% OFF ShopClues + 1 Stores
SCATCHITE White Canvas Lace Up Casual Shoes
₹999 ₹1996 50% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Sparx Men Black Faded Slip-On Casual Shoes
₹620 ₹699 11% OFF Flipkart + 1 Stores
Creattoes Loafers For Men(Blue)
₹404 ₹799 49% OFF Flipkart
Escaro Boat Shoes For Men(Brown)
₹949 ₹2799 66% OFF Flipkart
Robbie Jones White Canvas Lace Up Casual shoes
₹451 ₹999 55% OFF Flipkart

Buy Men's Casual Shoes and Loafers online in India at the cheapest price

Earlier, footwear and outfits were just about comfort. However, now they hold a considerate proportion in our lives than ever. Your dressing talks about your fashion sense and confidence. They either make or break your personality. For men and boys, casual shoes are a requisite entity. Whether it is a formal occasion or an informal gathering, LooksGud has the finest collection for your festive. Shop your favourite shoes online from Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, at the lowest price and utmost quality. 

Avail significant discounts on branded shoes from Woodland, Nike, Red Tape, Adidas, Lee Cooper, Red chief, Hush Puppies, Vans, Action, Skechers, Roadster, and many more. Your preferred pair is available in flexible sizes and colours from black, red, blue, brown, and white. Get ready to add an extra jewel to your exquisite appearance. 

Types of Casual Shoe Styles for Men for Online Shopping in India

Selecting and styling come hand in hand. When we talk about picking the best pair of casual shoes, we must keep in mind the occasion we have to attend and the outfit we would wear above.

  1. Casual Loafer Shoes: A very nice bridge between formal and casual, loafer shoes are long, without laces, and an excellent choice for every occasion. Whether you have dressed up or down, the loafer shoes would enhance your appearance. Tassel Loafer is a clean, simple European style footwear with decorative laces and is a perfect match for your cotton-suit or slim-fit chinos. The Tassel is made of leather and would look breathtaking in navy, brown, or khaki color.
  2. Formal Loafer Shoes: Formal loafer shoes are hassle-free, without laces, simple slip-on with a low or no heel. If you have to attend a conference or go for a job interview in suit and tie, the formal loafer shoes are an excellent choice for you. The high-quality velvet or leather loafers will add decency and class to your personality and make your resume glow. A black and brown pair would make you the perfect catalogue model.
  3. Leather Casual Shoes: Sturdy leather uppers, with small laces and low heels, the leather casual shoe is both a decent and a wild choice. Whether you wish to attend a formal meeting or go with friends to a restaurant, the leather-casual shoe will make you look dapper. You can wear it beneath shirt-trouser or t-shirt and jeans. All you have to do is carry yourself accordingly.
  4. Canvas Casual Shoes: Are you ready for a Friday Night? Wear your canvas beneath comfortable shorts or jeans and get ready to hit the dance floor. Low maintenance, with or without laces, canvas shoes have a soft sole. They look aesthetically pleasing in shiny white. However, if you wish to give it a funky look, buy the same in printed shades. You can either buy a high-ankle canvas in blue and brown or lower-ankle in white or printed. The choice is yours!
  5. Loafer Chappal:  Loafer Chappal is another incredible product for men where there is no need for a tie-up of the lace. They are great for all casual outings. If you want to shop or see a movie, or going to the beach, then loafer chappal is an appropriate match. The comfort and quality of this product are unmatchable. 
  6. Casual Slip-On: The Casual Slip-On is an escape from the hard work of lace-tying. If you are in a hurry or going to a family/friend’s gathering, Casual Slip-On is the perfect option. Buy in printed or blue/black shade to give a dope vibe.
  7. Espadrilles: A summer favourite, espadrilles are the most accurate choice of a slip-on. The no-hassle, comfort guaranteed footwear can be worn all day long without cribbing. Wear it below any casual denim, t-shirt, shorts, or Chinos. The espadrilles would look sassy in subtle colours. You can wear them at beaches, pools, brunch, and family gatherings.
  8. Boat Shoes: As the name suggests, boat shoes showcase a sailor-like appearance that out-shows a happy and outgoing personality. They come in both leather and canvas material, soft rubber outsole, and entangled laces. Boat shoes look exquisite in brown and black colour and can be worn at office, date night, or parties.
  9. Moccasins: Moccasins are another comfortable, casual slip-on. They are also called home or driving shoes. The shoes have a soft sole and outsole that further escalates their comfort. Moccasins can be worn with casual outfits like denim and jeans and at simple events and Sunday brunch.

Tips to Style Casual Shoes

The casual shoe is a go-to material. Whether it is a Friday night, cocktail party, or a job interview, you have booked yourself an ace with the appropriate casual shoes. With the growing popularity of casual fashion sneakers, loafers, and various other footwear, men have sorted the life-long problem of ‘Grooming and Presenting Themselves.’ 

  1. Wear the white casual sneakers under your funky jeans and pants for a date night or clubbing. 
  2. Go for different types of loafers in varied tints if you are going for a road trip, beach party, or formal events.

With the tip-off ideas, men can brush up their dressing style or appearance and look more presentable and handsome.