Men's Ethnic Shoes: Buy Mojri Juti & Kolhapuri Chappal for Sherwani & Kurta (304 items)

Luxurious sherwanis can't complete the groom's look without the right ethnic shoes. Buy Rajasthani mojari jutti, kolhapuri chappals, stylish Punjabi jutti shoes in black, brown, and tan colours for a wedding or Garba nights from Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra at a discounted price.

Buy ethnic shoes online for sophisticated men

Buy men's ethnic shoes online like Rajasthani mojari jutti, kolhapuri chappal, stylish Punjabi jutti shoes to wear with kurta and sherwani for a wedding and traditional events from Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra at a discounted price.

Sophisticated men always make sartorial choices regarding the most quintessential part of their style game, shoes. The footwear game of men has evolved tremendously since its invention. From a variety of formal footwear to casual, running shoes, leather school shoes, funky sneakers, or even ethnic footwear, today’s sophisticated men look for style and compatibility in the same product.

Is one piece enough for every occasion?

Well, it’s high time we should change our perspective of buying one pair of shoes and carrying it on every occasion. Shun these fashion blisters and pair your traditional attire with ethnic footwear like Juttis, Mojaris, Kolhapuri chappals, velvet flats, Multani Khussa, ethenic mule, Rajasthani Peshawari Pathani or Nagra shoes, etc.

Are you interested to know more about these ethnic stunners? Let’s dig deep into this ocean of stunning footwear.

Different Types of Ethnics Shoes to wear with Sherwani and Kurta Jackets Set


Let’s start our journey with a classic Indian slip-on called Juttis that sophisticatedly complements your ethnic wear like sherwani or Punjabi outfits. If you pair Punjabi with jeans, you can also opt for this statement-making footwear popular as Jalsa Jutti.


Mojaris are pretty similar to Punjab originated Juttis. But these are from Rajasthan, the state of colors. You can flaunt your stylish look by matching embroidered and embellished Mojaris with traditional attire. Take some inspiration from colors like black, brown, white, or tan.


Kolhapuri chappals are one of the most coveted fashion footwear for men when it comes to rocking traditional attire. From traditional leather to embroidered and painted PU ones, these timeless stunners can prove to be a game-changer for any traditional occasion.

Velvet flats

When you hear velvet flats, what comes to your mind first? Words like royalty and elegance, isn’t it? These head-turners are meticulously crafted from authentic, high-quality fabric and beautifully decorated with silver or golden embroidery to create a royal look.

Multani Khussa

Multani Khussa was originated from a region called Multan situated in Pakistan. Have you ever seen those looking royal footwear with an elongated tip at the front that is curled inwards? These are the shoes with integrating embroidery that creates a regal look in any wedding ceremony.

Rajasthani Peshawari Pathani

This stylish daily wear looks like Nagra shoes. Its sophisticated style creates a statement-making ethnic look, while its durable, comfortable, and premium quality makes it a long companion.

Ethenic Mule

In the Ethenic mule, you will not find any constraint around your foot heel. It looks just like bedroom slippers. But this is a sophisticated version that you can wear in public or on traditional occasions to grab the center stage.

Are you still muddling through these styles? Which one will be the perfect style for a wedding reception?

Well, nowadays, bountiful ethnic footwear is available for sophisticated men in the market. If you want to choose the best ethnic shoes, you should pay heed to these small yet crucial aspects.


Men usually consider leather as the most stylish and comfortable wear when it comes to shoes. But ethnic styles are ready to knock your socks off. So don’t hesitate to give it a try.


While some statement makers love to go for contrasting colors, others try to choose matching shoes with their stylish outfits. You are absolutely free to experiment with your fashion tastes. In today’s time, black, brown, white, and tan have made quite an impression amongst stylish grooms.


Design determines the theme of your ethnic style and can completely alter your style game. If your outfit is traditionally made, you have to switch to ethnic groups like Kolhapuri, Mojaris, Peshawari Pathani, etc. A regular one can prove to be a fashion blister in this case.

Take-home advice

While choosing the best ethnic shoes, you should also concentrate on the occasion. For example, if you are going for a grand occasion, Mojaris will be a superior choice, while Kolhapuri chappals ideally suit your quirky daily look and festive events.