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Ponds Men Energy Charge Icy Gel Face Wash

Ponds Men Energy Charge Icy Gel Face Wash

Sun Dullness Problems: Day by day, the sun gets harsher and temperature rises. You are exposed to not only 1 but 5 Sun Dullness problems now. Your regular face wash is not designed to handle these 5 Sun Dullness Problems (Dark Spots*, Sweat & Oil, Dark Skin, Tanned Dull Cells and Tired Skin). Powered by maximum Icy Coffee Bean Scrubs, the Energy Charge Icy Gel Face Wash is the most Icy face wash** that is designed to fight 5 Sun Dullness Problems. Get Bright + Energized skin.*caused by dirt and dust
 ** From POND'S
Product description: POND'S Men Energy Charge Icy Gel Face Wash is the most* icy men's cleanser. It is specially designed for men who are exposed to the daily harsh sun, which is one of the main causes of dull skin. Formulated with Coffee Beans in a unique icy gel texture, it fights 5 Sun dullness problems to help men look their best. This face wash for men fights dark spots caused by dirt and dust, cleanses sweat and oil, brightens dark skin, energizes tired skin from the sun, and exfoliates tan skin cells, giving men bright and energized skin.
*From POND'S
1. Cleanses Sweat & Oil
2. Goes deep & brightens darkened skin
3. Fights uneven skin tone caused by dust and dirt
4. Exfoliates daily tanned dull cells
5. Energizes tired skin from the sun
Special Ingredient
COFFEE BEAN Packed with anti-oxidant, awakens tired looking skin to make it healthy and radiant looking
Instantly delivers a boost of icy sensation to refresh skin
Unique gel scrub format to clear sweat, oil and dull cells
Wet your face. Apply and gently massage onto face before rinsing off. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately. For best results, we recommend using this face wash 2 times a day with Energy Charge Moisturizer.
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