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 Jaypee Plus Grey Plastic Mixing Bowl Set, Set of 4 (800ml)

Jaypee Plus Grey Plastic Mixing Bowl Set, Set of 4 (800ml)

ts made up of Virgin Plastic, 100 percent food grade and BPA Free
Its ideal usage is mixing batters and dough, serving salads, enjoying popcorns and storing left over
Stackable- The bowls stack to conserve storage space when not in use
Strong and durable body Light weight
The bottom of the bowl is flat and hence the bowl does not topple
Color: Grey, Material: Plastic
Package Contents: 1-Piece Bowl (2.8 Litres), 1-Piece Bowl (2.1-Piece Litres), 1-Piece Bowl (1.2 Litres) and 1-Piece Bowl (800ml)

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