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What is LooksGud SealOfTrust?

LooksGud SealOfTrust is business verification and certification service from LooksGud that checks an e Commerce company's proof of existence, credibility and trustworthiness. It bridges the trust gap which is between new small and medium ecommerce store and the customers. SealOfTrust increases customer satisfaction with transparency about identity and genuineness of store.

In order to get LooksGud SealOfTrust, we collect documentary evidences from ecommerce stores and verify it to check its accuracy and reliability. Once a store is verified a clickable LooksGud SealOfTrust will appear alongside the store page on LooksGud. And Store can also place SealOfTrust on their website to get trust from customer. When clicked on seal, customer will be able to see the verified details about the store. So for buyer, a store having SealOfTrust will have more reasons to be trust worthy compared to other stores while purchasing product.

WhyLooksGud SealOfTrust?

LooksGud SealOfTrust raises trust level of customer towards new small or medium ecommerce store. This increases chance of increased sale for ecommerce stores.

Types of SealOfTrust:

[1] Standard (Verified Store):
A store will get the Seal of Verified Store after, all details of the store and its documents get verified thoroughly.

[2] Gold (Verified Products):
A store will get the Seal of Verified Products after, all details of the store and its documents get verified, and also the product quality is verified with anonymous order.

Benefits of eCommerce Stores:
  • Trust profile report from LooksGud
  • Higher trust among customers
  • Advantage over non-certified competitor stores
  • Distinct visibility on LookGud
  • Priority in listing in respective category
  • Listing as certified/verified store on Store list page of LooksGud
  • Increased leads and sales
Where to use LooksGud SealOfTrust?
  • Brochure
  • B2B Listing
  • Web profile
  • Social Networks
  • Online video
  • Email signature
Benefits of Customers:
  • Easily differentiate certified and non-certified stores
  • eCommerce Store information availability
  • Confidently dealing with genuine eCommerce store
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