Pore Minimising Toner - Even Skin Tone - All Skin Types 200ml Pore Minimising Toner - Even Skin Tone - All Skin Types 200ml

Kaya Pore Minimising Toner - Even Skin Tone - All Skin Types 200ml

About the Brand : Kaya Skin Clinic is an international chain that specialises in advanced dermatological solutions for women and men. From the acne of adolescence to the stretch marks of motherhood and the challenges of mature skin, Kaya aims to make every stage of life feel more beautiful.
Benefits :
Alcohol-free - The toner removes stubborn impurities that face wash and other products fail to do. The alcohol-free formula ensures no irritation or burning sensation on your delicate face. It gently removes residual dirt leaving behind a calming sensation.
Minimizes Pores - The toner is developed to provide benefits beyond its traditional function. It drastically reduces the size of pores and subsidizes it providing less pore visibility of the face. It also helps to balance out the pH level of the skin.
Refreshed & Comfortable Skin - Clean and nourished skin makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It lets your skin breathe and recharge. The toner can be used before you apply your moisturizer for a non-sticky, refreshed and glowing look.
Kaya Daily Pore Minimizing Toner is suitable for all skin types (Combination, Dry, Normal & Oily skin)
Concern : Pore Care
Concern 2 : Uneven Skin Tone
Concern 3 : Excess Oil
How-to-Apply :
First Cleanse face and pat dry.
Then moisten a cotton pad with the toner and sweep gently all over face and neck .
The product is designed to fit your schedule, it can be used in the day and night. Use this toner with niacinamide in your daily skincare routine to brighten and tighten your skin. Follow by a sunscreen during day time and a night cream during night time.
Ingredients : This is an Alcohol-free toner with Witch Hazel extract and soothing botanicals like Cucumber that minimize pores. Cucumber extracts ensure that the skin feels refreshed and comfortable. Niacinamide, a known whitening agent, helps tackle uneven skin-tone. It helps minimizing large pores and reduce redness to give you a radiating glow.
Key Ingredient : Witch Hazel
Minimum Shelf Life in Months : 12
Minimum Usable Period in Months : 3
Net Weight : 200 ml
Preference : Alcohol-Free
Skin Type : Normal
Special Features : Our expert team of dermatologists have decades of experience and understand the unique requirements of Indian skin. They have formulated specialised products with the choicest ingredients to deliver long-term results for all Indian skin concerns. All Kaya products are researched and developed by dermatologists.
Sustainable : Sustainable
Total Shelf Life in Months : 24
Units Per Bundle : 1
Pore Minimising Toner - Even Skin Tone - All Skin Types
Applying make-up is fun and inspirational but we often ignore its repercussions on our skin. After the harsh effects of make-up remover, face wash and other products, Kaya Daily Pore Minimizing Toner provides a much-needed soothing sensation. The cooling effects of botanicals like cucumber render skin feeling refreshed and comfortable.