Women's Sports Bra: Buy best gym full coverage, padded sports bra of Jockey, Nike, Adidas, Zivame From Decathlon, Amazon & Flipkart (5 items)

All the fashionable health freaks out there, plump for the best, high-impact sports bra from reputed brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Puma, Reebok, or Adidas to support your breasts and prevent them from injury and sagging during rigorous workout sessions.

Buy Perfect sports bra for fashionable health freaks

If you are a sportswoman, you cannot compromise with body care and health standards. Keep in mind that your breasts have no muscle. So if you don't pay proper attention to your breast's health, you may have to face its side effects like breast sagging.

The definition of a sports bra

A sports bra is designed to give maximum support to your breasts during your physical activities. These bras are indispensable parts of your yoga sessions and rigorous physical activities at the gym. Let's identify these stunners according to their impact level.

Different Types of Sports Bra Based on Impact

High impact sports bra

Girls who love to spend hours at a gym or perform impactful physical activities like aerobics, dancing, or running should go for a high-impact sports bra. The creative construction and great Technology of high-impact bras prevent bouncing and make you comfy. Zivame, Reebok, or Lululemon will be the best choice.

Medium impact sports bra

Medium impact sports bras are excellent for medium impactful physical activities like brisk walking, cycling, or hiking.

Low impact sports bra

Low impact sports bras are designed for women involved with less vigorous activities like yoga, stretching, etc.

Different Types of sports bra for Women to Buy Online in India

You can categorize the best sports bras depending on you are physical activities and benefits.

Padded sports bra

Padded sports bras are designed to restrict your breast movements during workout sessions. These durable sports bras with a pad from Zivame, Enamor, or Puma reduce pain during your high-impact sports sessions.

Zipper front sports bra

Forget sticky, sweaty sports bras and embrace zipper front sports bras that come with a handy zipper between your breasts. So now you can easily get rid of sweat with Decathlon or Adidas zipper front sports bra.

Running sports bra

Running sports bra compress your breast to prevent them from moving during your workout sessions. Nike, Reebok will be perfect for your heavy breasts.

Teenage girl sports bra

Padded teenage girl sports bra offer minimal coverage and boost your confidence, while others enhance your comfort during your playful sports activities. Jockey, Enamor creates great beginners sports bra.

Plus size sports bra

Plus-size sports bras are specially designed for heavy breasts. These stunners provide extra support and reduce pain during your workout sessions. Jockey or Marks & Spencer will be the great brand choices for you.


A crisscross sports bra offers firm support to your breasts. Its Crisscross style at your back looks marvelous with deep neck tank tops and makes you look like a statement maker.


A tank top comes with built-in bra support and gives you the utmost comfort with its beautiful style and flawless design. Reebok or Adidas tank tops are perfect for slim women.


Racerback, the most popular style, comes with beautiful shoulder straps that are joined together to create a Y-shape at your back. If you are involved with high-intensity workouts, you should go for Zivame, Calvin Klein, or Adidas Racerback.

Tips for buying the best sports bra online

  • Sports bras usually a bit tighter than the regular ones. Opt for the best comfort and breathability.
  • Choose the fittest one depending on the workout session's intensity.
  • Stretcher fabrics are perfect for low-intensity activities, while fabric with the muscle back is perfect for medium or high-intensity workouts.

We've curated the best sports bras for women for different price ranges from online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart with price comparison.