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Joseph Joseph Scoop Potato Ricer/Masher and Colander Joseph Joseph Scoop Potato Ricer/Masher and Colander Joseph Joseph Scoop Potato Ricer/Masher and Colander

Joseph Joseph Scoop Potato Ricer/Masher and Colander

The joseph joseph scoop ricer makes straining and ricing potatoes a simple process thanks to its convenient two-piece design.
The tool features a deep scoop with holes that allow you to reach into a pan of boiling water and drain off hot potatoes or other veggies.
Once the potatoes are drained, simply apply the ricer to the scoop, squeeze the handles together and create a smooth, lump-free mash directly into a bowl or serving dish.
The two-piece tool is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The scoop ricer can be stored in a drawer or hung by the integrated hanging holes on the handles.

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