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Levanse Black Casual for Men

Levanse Black Casual for Men

Material Composition:- The Material Of This Shoes is Synthetic Leather. This Shows the High Quality Of the Product, Sole Material:- The Sole Material Of This Shoes is TRP, It Provide Maximum Comfort And Flexibility to The Shoes.
Comfortable & Stylish:- This Pair Of Shoes Will Suit Every Dressing Sense And Also You Can Feel The Comfort While Wearing Due To The High Quality Of The Product At A Reasonable Price.
The Shoes Feature A Slip On Closure Which Do Not Contain Any Laces For Tying The Footwear And Can Be Worn Effortlessly. These Type Of Shoes With Such A Feature is a Popular Choice Among Footwear Fashion Enthusiasts.
One Of The Best Shoes (Gift ). You Can Gift to Your Friend, Office Colleagues, Doctor, Lawyer, Husband, Brother, Father Etc.
Care Instructions: Rotate Your Pair Of Shoes Once Every Other Day, Allowing Them to De-Odorize And Retain Their Shapes; Use Shoe Bags to Prevent Any Stains Or Mildew; Dust Any Dry Dirt From the Surface Using a Clean Cloth.

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