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Vaseline Original Skin protecting Jelly (85gm)

Vaseline Original Skin protecting Jelly (85gm)

Rejuvenate your skin with the original, Pure Skin Jelly from Vaseline. Formulated with 100% pure petroleum jelly, this skin protect-ant provides your dry skin with long-lasting moisture. Its triple-purified advanced solution feels gentle on your skin. It gives you smooth and even looking skin avoiding dryness and preventing pore clogging.
It reaches your deepest skin cells and locks in the moisture giving you nourished and healthy skin. Whether its your heels, lips or your hands, the effective skin protect-ant keeps your skin from chapping, windburn's, scrapes, and cuts. It is specially designed for itchy dry skin and is ideal to use during the harsh winter season. This tiny 7gm pack can be carried anywhere for instant softness!
Product Features : It melts into the skin making it soft, smooth, and visibly healthy.
This Petroleum Jelly is effective in healing dry skin, protecting minor cuts, & reducing appearance of fine lines.

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